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I'm InTouch - Remote Access Software

I'm InTouch is a PC remote access and control service that allows individuals to connect and interact with their home or office computer to access the information and essential business tools they need from anywhere, anytime using any computer or wireless device with an Internet connection.

With the I'm InTouch remote access software you have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want. Consider, for example, the convenience of being able to use your home PC to get easy and secure access to emails and files resident on your office computer. You can be anywhere and virtually any device connected to the Internet becomes a work terminal for you to carry on your business.

With this secure and cost-effective service, you can view and manage your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email and attachments, as well as your contact and calendar entries stored on a distant computer. Access all files on your computer with the ability to view and/or download them. Using the Remote Control feature you will be able to view and control your PC as if you were sitting at it to run any program, including administrative and financial applications. If you have a web camera connected to your computer running I'm InTouch, the Video feature allows you to remotely view through this camera, providing web conferencing.

I'm InTouch Server Edition - Remote Access Software

I'm InTouch Server Edition allows your business to deploy a premise-based remote access solution to provide employees with secure access to their workstations from anywhere. Robust administrative controls allow administrators to configure and manage access to machines as required.

Patent-pending Remote Wake-Up technology allows machines to be remotely accessed even if they have been shut down. Never again be denied remote access to your computer when you need it just because it was not turned on. Improve employee productivity and maximize performance with I'm InTouch Server Edition.

I'm InTouch Meeting

I'm InTouch Meeting enables you to conduct online meetings with employees and clients anywhere in the world right from your computer's desktop. Collaborate more effectively and save on traveling costs by sharing your desktop with up to 15 people anywhere in the world to conduct Web Conferencing, Online Training, Sales Demonstrations and Online Seminars. Quickly invite attendees by email or phone and start your meeting in seconds with I'm InTouch Meeting.

I'm OnCall - Help Desk Software

help desk softwareI’m OnCall is a secure online help desk support application that auto configures a temporary connection to your customer’s PC, without any pre-installed software. Rapidly resolve your customer’s technical issues with on demand PC remote control. With I’m OnCall, resellers, IT help desks, software vendors and other support organizations can deliver outstanding live customer support through reduced call times and cost-effective problem resolution.

I'm InTouch Optional Security Enhancements

I'm InTouch SecurePC

I'm InTouch SecurePC allows you to provide employees with a secure, ultra-portable remote access terminal designed specifically for remotely accessing a workstation back in the office. No data can be saved on the SecurePC ensuring that all your sensitive and confidential information stays safely behind your office firewall. Enable Physical Authentication to ensure your workstation can only be remotely accessed from your SecurePC. Mobility and security are both taken care of without any compromise.

I'm InTouch SecureKEY

I'm InTouch SecureKEY provides portable Physical Authentication for your I'm InTouch Premium remote access session. The SecureKEY acts as the key to your remote PC - only a computer with your SecureKEY plugged into its USB slot can remotely access your distant PC. Plus, I'm InTouch Standard and Premium users can securely save their remote access login information on the SecureKEY to automatically login to their distant PC by plugging it into any computer with an Internet connection.

Voice Mail and Fax Software Products

COMMUNICATE! STANDARD v10.0 - Voice Mail Software

Stay on top of e-mail, faxes and voice mail messages

COMMUNICATE! STANDARD v10.0 converts your PC into an intelligent message center so you can manage your voice and fax messages from anywhere in the world! COMMUNICATE! includes voice mail software that answers your calls with your own pre-recorded message or standard greeting. You can customize this software to hold an unlimited number of password-protected mailboxes; calls are answered and routed to the appropriate mailboxes. COMMUNICATE! also delivers all the benefits of PC faxing allowing you to create, receive, and forward clear spotless faxes. You will find COMMUNICATE! STANDARD v10.0 to be an invaluable tool in helping you run your business.

COMMUNICATE! DELUXE - Fax Broadcasting Software

The software of choice for busy people in the office, at home and on the road.

As your ultimate all-in-one communications and messaging center, COMMUNICATE! DELUXE is a powerful fax broadcasting software that supports up to three voice/fax modems so that you can get your faxes distributed to potential prospects and existing customers quickly. It also includes voice mail software that allows you to easily set up your own answering service with several mail-boxes. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface and comprehensive contact manager organizes all of your fax, voice and e-mail messages into one place on your PC and helps you to reduce paperwork, so you'll have more time to concentrate on running your business. This comprehensive solution also includes video capabilities so that you can conduct live video-phone conferencing and video monitoring of your home or office while you're away. COMMUNICATE! DELUXE gives you everything you need to communicate professionally and efficiently.