Enterprise Sales
01 Communique is a TSX-V listed software publisher and an equal opportunity employer that supports workplace diversity.
Established in 1992, we are a technology pioneer of Post-Quantum Blockchains, Post-Quantum Cyber Security, Remote Access Software, and Communication Solutions.
Our latest innovation is in cyber security with the development focus on Post-Quantum Blockchains. 01's Post-Quantum Blockchains are designed to operate on classical computer systems as we know them today while at the same time are secure enough to safeguard against potential cyber attacks from quantum computers.
Our award winning products and services are marketed around the world. The tremendous increase in demand for our services and patented technologies has created openings in our R&D area. This is an excellent opportunity for successful candidates to further their careers with a result-oriented company in an exciting fast-paced industry.

Full-Stack Blockchain Engineers:

- Familiar with Hyperledger components (e.g. Fabric, Composer) and customized modules
- Hands-on skills in C/C++ and Go
- Hands-on skills in Linux platform
- Hands-on skills in Security, Encryption, etc.
- Familiar with REST technologies (e.g. Javascript, Node.js, AngularJS, Docker)
- A degree in B.Sc. or M.Sc. is preferred

QA Specialists:

- Familiar with testing web applications, Hyperledger components
- Experience with regression testing and test automation, etc.

General Engineers:

- Hands-on skills in C/C++, Mac Xcode/iPhone SDK, Win32/64, Java/J2EE, COM/ActiveX
- Sound knowledge of TCP/IP, SSL/XML/HTTPS protocols and proficient in PHP/ASP
- Sound knowledge of TCP/IP, SSL/XML/HTTPS protocols and proficient in PHP/ASP


- Full-time/Part-time starting immediately.

Send your resume to:

- Email: (Attention: Human Resources)