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I'm InTouch SecurePC and SecureKey

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About SecurePC Remote Access Terminal

Do you worry about losing your laptop or about outsiders using your passwords to launch your remote access software on other devices?

01 Communique’s SecurePC is a remote computer access terminal that looks similar to a laptop and provides similar function to our award winning I’m InTouch Remote Access Software, with the exception that the SecurePC terminal is:

1. Only used for remote terminal access

2. The only device to support our SecurePC remote Login access feature

3. Sensitive data is never stored or saved on the SecurePC terminal

The SecurePC is only available for purchase by companies already using 01 Communique’s patented Remote Access Software or for companies looking to implement a complete remote network access solution with 01 Communique.

Heightened Remote Access Security Features

SecurePC is the perfect solution for government officials, lawyers, medical specialists and other professionals dealing with extremely confidential information located on their main server.

SecurePC provides enhanced security features not feasible with other mobile electronic devices such as laptops, smart phones or tablets.

Prevents Data Loss

Even though the I’m InTouch SecurePC terminal looks like a laptop and functions to remote access enable like a laptop, you need not worry if it is lost or stolen. The SecurePC terminal does not store any data accessed during a remote access session so your data won’t ever be compromised and the terminal itself is of no use to anyone else.

Stops Unauthorized Access

A lot of business owners and IT providers worry about unauthorized users being able to remote access a computer or gaining access to personal Login information, especially when it can be used to access confidential data stored on corporate or government servers. Physical authentication settings ensure that the SecurePC terminal is the only device on which Login information will grant remote access.

Prohibits Additional Software

On other systems, weaknesses in remote access software security can potentially occur when additional software and programs are installed. SecurePC’s only function is to provide remote terminal access and does not support any additional programs or software. Not only does the SecurePC terminal improve remote access security but it also decreases the time IT staff spends on maintaining company laptops.

The SecurePC Advantage

In addition to inherently enhanced security features of the SecurePC terminal, there are several other advantages to taking your remote access needs to the next level:

  • Sleek laptop look alike design weighs only 2 pounds
  • 10” LCD screen perfectly sized for traveling mobile workers
  • One click button to instantly start secure remote access session
  • Powered by an Intel Atom processor and solid state drive
  • 10/100 Ethernet Adapter to support Wi-Fi connections

Secure Remote Access Software Solutions

The SecurePC is just one of 01 Communique’s innovative remote access options designed to offer you the ultimate in protection.

This remote access terminal can be used in combination with other I’m InTouch products including the SecureKEY USB stick for USB remote access.

For more information about our SecurePC terminal or about remote access software solutions, please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email Remote Computer Access.

About SecureKEY USB Remote Access

Looking for a way to physically authenticate remote PC access Login?

SecureKEY is a USB remote access stick that works in conjunction with I'm InTouch Remote Access software to add a physical authentication step before remote PC access is granted to workplace or corporate servers.

The SecureKEY USB remote access functions to:

1. Safely save Login information on the device

2. Start a secure remote access connection on any PC/Laptop with Internet access

3. Reduce the risk of stolen Login information

The SecureKEY USB remote access is designed for businesses currently using the I'm InTouch remote PC access software and for companies interested in a secure remote PC access tools from 01 Communique.

Enhanced Security for Remote PC Access

The SecureKEY is compatible with all of I'm InTouch's advanced security features such as its 256-bit SSL Data Encryption, session time-outs and removal of session data. In addition, the SecureKEY provides enhanced security by controlling who can Login.

Confidential Login Information

The SecureKEY secretly stores Login information required to start the remote PC access session meaning only employees granted physical access to the USB stick can use remote files, programs and other applications at any particular point in time. Rather than dealing with assigning temporary Login information for mobile workers, they simply return the SecureKEY.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Since the SecureKEY is required to start the remote PC access session there is less risk involved in losing an electronic device previously used for remote access. When the SecureKEY is stored separately from the laptop (as suggested) there is no way for remote data on a lost laptop to be compromised.

No More Shared Logins

Because the SecureKEY is required to start a remote PC access session, employees can no longer share Login information with each other or use Login information when not authorized. Management can more effectively monitor and control who is accessing files, emails and applications when outside of the physical office.

Benefits of SecureKEY

This enhanced remote PC access security measure is conveniently provided by inserting the SecureKEY USB remote access into one of your PC/Laptop's USB slots. When the Auto-Login setting is enabled this instantly starts a remote access session. Additionally, the SecureKEY is super lightweight, portable to carry and doubles as a flash drive storing up to 1GB of data.

Best Remote PC Access Software Solutions

When paired with the SecurePC remote access terminal the SecureKEY USB remote access provides even greater enhanced security. Only employees with both the SecurePC and a SecureKEY can gain remote PC access!

Priced at just $99.95 per SecureKEY you can purchase these USB remote access sticks and temporarily assign to rotating mobile employees or permanently assign to trusted employees needing continuous remote access to your server.

For additional information about our SecureKEY remote USB access or to learn more about our remote PC access software products please contact us toll free at 1-800-668-2185 or email Remote PC Access.

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I’m InTouch Remote PC Access SecurePC & SecureKEY

You have to be a subscriber of our I'm InTouch remote access service to use these optional companion products. If you are not a subscriber yet, a free trial is available.

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Use I'm InTouch SecureKEY for additional security when using I'm InTouch remote access. This requires the user to insert the USB device as a physical authentication on top of the standard password protection.

Use I'm InTouch SecurePC for additional security as a "dumb terminal" when using I'm InTouch remote access.

I'm InTouch SecureKEY and SecurePC are protected by US Patents #6928479 / #6938076.

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You can also use your SecureKEY as a storage device.
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