Intellectual Properties

We develop and market a suite of products and services to meet the need of mobile users who have a requirement for remote access, remote support and/or to host online meetings. Our products are marketed under our I'm InTouch, I'm OnCall and I'm InTouch Meeting product lines.
Currently, we are enforcing our intellectual property rights against:
- Citrix System Inc. - Feb. 2, 2006 Learn more
Selected additional information on our lawsuit against Citrix is provided herein. The information provided is a matter of public record. We are not able to guarantee that the following is a complete list of all applicable information regarding the legal proceedings in which we are involved, nor can we confirm that such information will be kept up to date on a regular basis. Additional information and filings are available from the U.S. Pacer System as well as the USPTO from their web site at: ( When requesting information from the USPTO web site the application number is 95/001018.