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I'm InTouch Remote Computer Access and Control Solutions

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About I'm InTouch Remote Computer Access

Don't let location or security concerns dictate your ability to access your computer when it matters most.

Use I'm InTouch secure Remote Access Software to gain instant access to your office or home computer while fully protecting your sensitive data at all times.

Both easy to use and cost-effective, I'm InTouch is recognized as one of the most secure remote access platforms available on the market today.

Why Remote Computer Access?

The I'm InTouch remote access software is a powerful business tool that instantly and securely connects any electronic device to your office computer.

With this connection I'm InTouch users gain:

  • Peace of Mind – Rest assured that all of your remote computer access activities are safe and secure, even when performed in public locations
  • Increased Flexibility – Work on documents and use programs stored on the remote desktop while maintaining your preset firewalls and security settings

Remote Access Configuration

In the last decade 01 Communique has developed a number of additional security features that now set the standard for other remote computer access and communication applications.

Trust I'm InTouch to build a strong hedge of protection over all of your remote access activities, thanks to a number of features including:

  • 256-bit SSL Encryption Protection
  • Dual Login Authentication
  • Secured Data Server Center
  • No Ports Opened
  • Password Protection
  • Session Time-Outs
  • Removal of Session Data

Learn more about how 01 Communique's patented Remote Computer Access Security technology reduces your security vulnerabilities during your remote access sessions.

Secure Remote Computer Access Solutions

Since 1992, 01 Communique has focused on increasing the security of its remote access services to better protect the privacy of its customers.

Whether you are a small business, mobile professional or an IT service provider, we invite you to try our remote access services using our Free 30 Day Remote Computer Access Trial.

For more information about our secure Remote Computer Access software please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.

Advantages of Remote Control Software

Maximize your productivity while saving time and money!

The I’m InTouch remote control software is specifically designed for your active lifestyles or fast-paced work environment that demands flexibility and freedom; with an Internet connection you can access your desktop anytime, from wherever you may be.

With unlimited remote access to your desktop, you now have the freedom to complete a number of tasks using the remote control software:

  • Transfer files
  • Manage emails, calendars and contacts
  • Operate programs installed on the remote desktop
  • Print documents locally
  • Listen to any files/videos played at the remote computer
  • Wake up a remote computer that is turned off

For a complete list of I’m InTouch remote software functions please visit our Remote Control Software Features Page.

The Remote Desktop Advantage

As a leader in the communications industry, 01 Communique relies on innovation to better meet your needs. The I’m InTouch remote control software offers a number of user advantages over other similar software in the marketplace.

User Friendly Settings

Remote desktop software users love how easy, interactive and intuitive the I’m InTouch remote control software performs. The remote desktop software and user settings are also optimized for use across multiple platforms including PC computers, Pocket PCs, Smartphones and web-enabled cell phones.

Industry Leading Security Features

I'm InTouch remote control software performs with "bank-level" security features and is one of the only fully customizable remote desktop software programs that allows you to create specific privacy and functionality settings.

Remote Desktop Software Management

The instinctive Central Administration feature makes it easy for busy workplaces using I’m InTouch remote control software to effortlessly manage users, user settings and physical authentication settings.

Free Software Updates

Continual remote desktop software updates at no extra charge means your remote control software will always be current and include the most powerful and up-to-date security technologies.

Customizable Remote Desktop Solutions

For over a decade 01 Communique has been committed to addressing your communication needs. Our clients have confirmed that our remote control software is one of the most secure, user-friendly and affordable options available.

I’m InTouch remote desktop software is simple, economical and best of all – customizable.

For more information on how you can scale and customize the remote control software to meet your individual needs please contact us at
1-800-668-2185 or by email.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Connection

I'm InTouch remote desktop connection makes it possible to conduct personal or business matters and work from virtually anywhere even though you may be physically separated from your personal or office computer.

With any type of electronic device that has an Internet connection you can gain instant access to your PC files, email, programs and network files.

It's affordable and easy. Sign up for our Free 30 Day Remote Desktop Connection Trial and start enjoying benefits like:

  • Unlimited remote desktop access to your home or office computer
  • Free setup and installation
  • Complimentary software updates
  • Unlimited technical support

The remote desktop connection software is fast and easy to install providing the ideal solution for accessing your home or work computer at a distance.

Benefits of Remote Desktop

Whether you require a remote desktop connection for personal usage or for employees within a large business, I'm InTouch remote desktop is fully scalable to meet all your needs.

Seamless Integration

Connect to your remote computer from any PC, laptop or mobile device with an Internet connection and gain instant access to your email, contacts, calendar and files on your remote computer. I'm InTouch remote desktop connection eliminates the need to move or copy data between computers, re-examine email messages or resynchronize your PC.

Convenient File Management

View, manage and transfer files between your distant PC and your local machine even if your local device does not have the associated program installed on it. With an I'm InTouch remote desktop connection you can remotely view and use the content of over 50 different file formats.

Safe and Secure Access

Protect all transmitted data even when using a public computer with advanced security features designed to protect even the most sensitive information. The 256-bit SSL Data Encryption, Dual Login Password, Closed Ports and Session Time-Out features ensure complete confidentiality.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Install I'm InTouch remote desktop software in two easy steps and start a remote desktop session at anytime from anywhere; no additional software is required on the local electronic device. The Central Administration Center provides an easy way to manage remote desktop connection users within an organization.

Affordable Remote Desktop Solutions

Each remote desktop license grants you unlimited remote desktop connection to one computer; price discounts are available for multi-license purchases.

For more information about our Remote Desktop Connection software please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.

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I’m InTouch Remote Desktop Connection Software

It is a fast, easy and secure remote access / remote control software for you to control your distant PC via the Internet. You will be up and running in minutes.
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I'm InTouch Remote Desktop is a powerful Remote Desktop Software tool protected by US Patents #6928479 / #6938076 / #8234701. You can trust the inventor for all your Remote PC needs in Remote Computer Access. Download the Remote Control Software today & establish a Secure Remote Desktop connection in no time.
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