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Secure, Premise Remote PC Access Solution, I'm InTouch Server Edition Version

About Server Edition

About Remote Access Software Server Edition (SE)

The Server Edition of 01 Communique’s bestselling I’m InTouch Remote Access Software is specifically designed for businesses requiring a gateway server housed on premise.

This secure web based remote access software gives authorized employees the ability to log into office computers and the company’s servers from anywhere and at any time, for increased productivity, flexibility and affordability.

Why Choose Remote Access SE?

Larger businesses with data stored on in-house servers or businesses housing highly confidential information can benefit by upgrading I’m InTouch remote access software to the Server Edition.

The remote access server edition is designed to:

  • Enable employees to access data on a workplace server from anywhere, at any time
  • Help mobile workers respond to customers as quickly as possible
  • Reduce overall IT expenses and technology complexity
  • Monitor employees login and remote access activity details

Remote Access Software & Server Configuration

With the Server Edition, the remote access server gateway is located “on site” as opposed to on the remote access software provider’s server. This configuration provides ease of mind as all remote access is granted “in house”.

Backed by 01 Communique’s innovative remote access technology, the Server Edition comes with I’m InTouch’s standard features such as SSL 256-bit Data Encryption plus additional security features including:

  • Standard firewall ports (80 & 443) to eliminate port forwarding
  • Data and passwords are never stored on the gateway server
  • Preservation of OS-level access controls established on office PC
  • Authentication to prevent remote access to other PCs on the network
  • Digital client browser certificate for user authentication
  • Login history of all remote sessions and usage reports for all users
  • User-level restrictions such as time or file access

Professional Remote Access Software Solutions

01 Communique has developed its patented remote access software technology for over a decade in order to provide the best protection and privacy for businesses needing to remotely access company computers and servers.

Our 30 day, no obligation Free Remote Access Trial is available to businesses of all sizes plus IT service providers and live customer support teams.

For more information about our server edition remote access software licenses, please contact us toll free at 1-800-668-2185 or email Remote Access Server Edition.



Advantages of Remote Access SE

Finally, a remote access software designed to adhere to the strict security policies of your workplace computers and servers.

Compared to the I’m InTouch Desktop remote PC access software, the Server Edition has several additional “corporate” features:

  1. Premise based solution with a server gateway “on site”
  2. One time license fee for the remote PC access software based on the number of accessible PCs
  3. Complete central administration toolkit for better monitoring of users and activity

The Remote PC Access Advantage

I’m InTouch Server Edition is both versatile and flexible, providing innovative remote access that addresses the needs of corporate employees needing secure access to information from anywhere and at any time.

Adherence to Existing Security Policies

Remote PC access software adapts to your existing security policies and uses your current security settings. The on premise server gateway is installed behind your firewall or within DMZ for added security.

User Friendly Tools

Mobile and remote workers gain full remote PC access with desktop views and have full control to transfer files, print documents locally, view audio and video files, run remote desktop programs, perform online training and more. For a full list of I’m InTouch Server Edition remote access software functions please visit our Remote PC Access Features page.

Complete Management Control

Administrator features allows you to manage remote access users, generate user usage reports, restrict remote PC access to specific features or grant access rights to users for a specific period of time.

Affordable Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership is significantly less than alternative solutions with few server hardware and labor requirements to deploy and manage. I’m InTouch remote PC access software, server edition, also offers affordable software upgrades and a pay-per-computer licensing model.

I’m InTouch vs. Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works well for individuals requiring access to a remote PC from a specific location and device. Alternatively, remote PC access software works well for mobile workers who use various electronic devices such as home PCs, laptops and mobile devices to gain remote access.

I’m InTouch provides several other key advantages over a VPN:

  1. Server remote access is much more cost-effective to implement and maintain than a VPN
  2. Superior security features further protect sensitive information
  3. It does not require installation and configuration of software on any device used for remote access
  4. Can be installed on any server, not just a VPN server

Corporate Remote PC Access Software

Install 01 Communique’s I’m InTouch SE and grant authorized employees real time remote access to tools found in the office such as email, business applications and files stored on the network.

The one-time license fee for a system based on the number of accessible PCs makes it affordable to implement in the workplace and the fast installation means you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

For more information about the server edition of our popular remote PC access software please call us at 1-800-668-2185 or email Remote PC Access Server Edition.


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I'm InTouch Server Edition

Secure, Premise Based Remote Access Solution

New Features Available in I'm InTouch Server Edition Version 2.8

  • Windows 7 support (32 and 64-bit)
  • 256-bit SSL encryption

I'm InTouch Server Edition (SE) is an affordable and easy-to-use remote access service that puts your business information at your fingertips, regardless of where you are. By installing the I'm InTouch SE at your business, authorized employees can securely login to remotely control office PCs using screen-sharing technology. Mobile employees, telecommuters and IT staff can use virtually any PC connected to the Internet, to work on office PCs as if they were in the office. No pre-configured software is required on the device being used to login, just an Internet browser. As well, cell phones and wireless PDAs with Internet access can be used to login and remotely manage email and view files residing at the office.

I'm InTouch is protected under U.S. Patent Numbers 6,928,479 & 6,938,076.

One-time purchase licensing

Based on the number of PC's that you require remote access to. Cost-effective alternative to traditional pcAnywhere, Terminal Services, Citrix Metaframe, or SSL VPN solutions Learn more by reviewing our Technology WhitePaper


The I'm InTouch Server gateway securely deploys behind your firewall or within your DMZ and utilizes standard Internet ports 80 & 443 for all host PC to server communications, eliminating the need for port forwarding to reach PCs on the internal network and dynamic DNS solutions Learn more about what makes I'm InTouch secure

Highly Scalable

The I'm InTouch SE brokers communication between the remote user and the host desktop PC and provides all the required administrative functionality. Most processing is done at the host desktop. This unique "Distributed Processing" server architecture means that a single server can handle from 500 to 2,000 users, depending on the specific server hardware configuration.

Web based remote access

From any Internet browser, eliminating the need to pre-configure the local device that you are logging in from with specific client software to be able to remotely access PCs at the office.

Easy Deployment

Install the I'm InTouch SE server within your network,and add user accounts. By entering your employeeor customer's email address within their accountprofile, the system will automatically inviteusers to set up their computer for remote access.They simply download and run the I'm InTouchenabling software onto their Windows PC and withinminutes can begin to use the system. Users loginand see their PC as if they were sitting at it, essentially eliminating training.

Remote Wake-Up Functionality

Remote employees can Wake-Up their previously shut down PC when starting a remote session. Utilizing patent pending technology, an employee logs in to the I'm InTouch SE Wake-Up server, which finds their PC on the LAN and powers it on to enable a remote session.

Centralized system administration

Allowing system administrators to easily add, remove and manage users, control user restrictions and view usage reports. View Administrators Feature Document
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I'm InTouch Server Edition is for businesses requiring a premise based remote access solution that they can fully manage and control. If you would like Remote Access to a single PC or Multiple Remote Desktops in your business but prefer that we take care of managing the technology for you, try I'm InTouch Remote Access Software, our hosted subscription service. Email us at sales@01com.com or call 800-668-2185 for more information on our I'm InTouch remote access solutions.
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