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Remote PC Access, Remote Desktop, IT Support Software and On-line Meeting Solutions

Product Review

Product Review

Unique Features 5 star rating - Unique Features

01 Communique’s remote access software products outperform the competition. From I’m InTouch Meeting, to I’m InTouch Remote Access and I’m OnCall Remote Support, all the features you could ever need for online communications through remote PC access are provided. Depending on the product you will have the ability to edit files, send emails, stream music, schedule meetings, provide remote support and much much more! Best of all these features are all well thought out and extremely easy to use – even for the beginner.

Most Secure 5 star rating - Most Secure

Thanks to more than ten years of engineering and several U.S. Patents, 01 Communique's remote access software products offer the highest level of protection one could ever want or need. As a remote PC access provider, 01 Communique has gone out of its way to provide an exhaustive set of security features that makes it one of the only remote access software products on the market trusted for use in public locations such as libraries and WiFi hotspot locations. The independent Security Audit by Peregrine Technology Inc. confirms this!

Tools for Sharing 5 star rating - Tools for Sharing

01 Communique's remote access software products are truly interactive! Tools to transfer files in remote sessions, hold webinars and collaborative meetings with others or provide remote IT support are all particularly useful. Response times and file transfer rates are so quick it's as if you are sitting right at the host computer or in a face-to-face meeting.

Quick & Easy to Use 5 star rating - Quick and Easy to Use

01 Communique's remote access software solutions are intuitive and easy to set up and use. Product installations are as simple as downloading the software and choosing a login name and password. Gaining remote PC access is as easy as using your PC, Mac, mobile phone or tablet's browser to login to your account. Within minutes you will be familiar with all the powerful communications tools at your disposal.

Best in Technical Support 5 star rating - Best Tech Support

In addition to unlimited usage, remote access software licenses come with free support and software upgrades at no additional charge (with the exception of I'm InTouch Server Edition). Should something go wrong, 01 Communique's friendly technical and customer support team is accessible through both email and a toll free phone number.

Remote Access Software Summary

As one of the foremost innovators in the communications industry, 01 Communique recognizes that the nature of business is constantly evolving. The need to work from anywhere, at any time, and with anyone has motivated 01 Communique to continually develop powerful and innovative remote access products to remain the most useful, the most relevant and the most secure remote PC access software on the market.

For more information about 01 Communique's powerful remote access products, please call
1-800-668-2185 or contact by email.


Remote PC Access & IT Support Software Solutions

Connecting Computers Around The World

01 Communique is an innovation leader in the Remote Access Software market. Our product line provides users with the ability to establish Remote Desktop Connection from anywhere, anytime using virtually any device connected to the Internet.

Whether you are an individual, small business or workgroups within a larger corporation, if you need Remote PC Access, Remote Support, Web Conferencing, Online Meeting, Online Training, Remote Email Access, Remote Computer Access or Group Meeting Online, we will have the Remote Desktop Software solution for you.

Access your computer at home or office like you were sitting in front of it.

Share your desktop with upto 15 people anywhere in the world.

Provide Online IT Support from anywhere in the world.

All-in-one communications and messaging center.

Who Uses Remote Access

Who Uses Remote Access

01 Communique has developed a complete line of remote access software products to meet the needs of all levels of personal and professional users.

Small Business Owners - Keep technology costs low and reduce the need for complicated networks; share our remote access software between workers without paying overage fees.

Sales Professionals - Become more productive and customer focused; use remote PC access software to update customer databases, run reports, respond to emails and give remote presentations and training using.

Mobile Workers & PDA Users - On-the-go people who work wherever they find themselves benefit from using remote PC access software to access stored files and programs on their primary PC; an Internet connection and their portable tablet, laptop or Smart Phone is all they need.

Management - Meet with your management team to discuss time sensitive information, gather employees to receive project updates and access your office PC while away on business.

Distant Work Teams - Conduct regular brainstorming sessions to stimulate creativity and stay on track to meet your deadlines.

Internal Departments - Increase efficiencies and synergy within your company with better tech support, training and inter-department collaboration through all of 01 Communique's remote access software applications.

Customer Service Representatives - Shorten customer response time while increasing problem resolution scores; keep customers satisfied by offering technical assistance through immediate remote support.

Managed Service Providers - Reduce the cost of managing customer's IT infrastructure and use remote access software to establish secure connections in order to provide superior remote support.

Resellers & Software Vendors - Offer your customers the very best in terms of service; remote PC access helps you provide hands-on support and training.

Real Estate Agents - Remote PC access means always having access to the information you need during on site meetings and home tours. Do your research about historical sales or access your contact database online.

Lawyers - Protect your confidential client files, meet time sensitive deadlines and conduct productive remote sessions with colleagues and other legal professionals.

Educators & Tutors - Give your students the attention they need the night before tests. Encourage interaction amongst students during online sessions and offer the option to attend lectures from remote locations when needed.

Parents - Set time restrictions for child computer use and monitor activity in real-time; remote PC access helps enhance Internet safety.

Travelers - Use remote PC access to stay in touch with your home PC wherever your journeys take you; listen to music remotely, transfer photos to your home PC and send emails throughout your trip.

01 Communique is an all-in-one provider of remote PC access solutions with innovative remote access products marketed under I'm InTouch Remote Access, I'm InTouch Meeting, I'm OnCall Remote Support and Communicate (integrated fax, fax broadcasting, voice mail, etc.).

Our sophisticated suite of on-demand remote access software products are driven by innovative design, industry leading security features and a web based user-friendly interface. To learn more, contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.