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I'm OnCall, Remote Desktop IT Support Software Solutions

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About I'm OnCall IT Support

Establish a quick and secure auto-configured temporary connection to your customer’s PC or Mac with I’m OnCall and start providing hands-on remote IT support in areas that include:

  • Technical Issue Resolution
  • Update & Upgrade Installations
  • New Software Orientation and Training

Regardless of industry or application, I’m OnCall is a complete remote IT support solution designed to help you provide superior remote support services without the need for pre-installed Remote Access Software.

Why Use A Remote IT Support System?

Implementing the I’m OnCall remote IT support system has three primary benefits:

  • Remote Support Is Responsive - Within seconds your technician can establish a secure connection between computers and provide “hands-on” support with file transfer and live chat to resolve the issue faster.

  • Remote Support Is Competitive - Remote IT support is a friendly, customer oriented environment that gives you the upper edge in providing the very best customer support with easy customization, rapid deployment and comprehensive incident status viewing; setting you apart from your competition and attracting new customers.

  • Remote Support Is Profitable - Minimal upfront costs, a license model that accommodates multiple technicians to access software at different times, reduced call time and increased customer satisfaction all add up to increased profits.

Secure Remote IT Support Solutions

For more than a decade 01 Communique has remained committed to improving the Communications industry, especially in areas such as increased remote software security.

The entire remote support and remote sharing session using the I’m OnCall software is completely secure. Our security features include:

  • Technician password login
  • Customer permission to grant remote access
  • Automatic termination of remote sharing upon session end
  • Protected firewall ports for both technician and customer

When you choose I’m OnCall you can rely on 01 Communique’s secure data center, multiple network firewalls, 256-bit SSL Data Encryption along with additional Remote Support Security Features to protect your customers’ privacy.

Affordable Remote IT Support Options

01 Communique’s award winning and U.S. patent protected remote support systems make it possible to grow your bottom line by expanding your technical service offerings or improving upon your existing services.

Providing a cost-effective way to provide superior IT support to your customers, I’m OnCall can be implemented into your service department easily and affordably.

For more information about our Remote IT Support solutions please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.

Benefits of Help Desk Software

Start using I'm OnCall help desk software in your customer service department and immediately improve your customer satisfaction ratings and competitive advantage.

With the help of I'm OnCall you can expedite the time it takes to resolve a problem with superior remote support technology while reducing your overall service cost.

Why Use Help Desk Software?

Companies across all industries are turning to web based help desk software to provide safe, efficient and superior remote support and customer service.

Equipping service employees with integrated help desk software is easy with I'm OnCall's multiple software benefits:

  1. Simple ā€“ With customer permission, an auto-configured temporary Internet connection gives service representatives access to resolve customer issues with ease.

  2. Cost-Effective ā€“ Priced per license, I'm OnCall has minimal upfront costs and is easy to setup and integrate into your customer service department. Unlimited remote support sessions mean you will never exceed your monthly limit and each license can be shared between users at different times.

  3. Branded ā€“ Give your customers the best user experience with a branded interface that includes your logo without having to develop the software and security features yourself.

Create a Customer-Focused Experience

A well designed web based help desk software system will equip your service employees with all the necessary tools to offer the best customer experience while rapidly resolving technical and support issues.

Help desks, software vendors and managed service providers that implement I'm OnCall help desk software find that their customers enjoy:

  • Reduced call times
  • Improved problem resolution
  • Enhanced customer service

Your service reps will benefit from incident and status charts and can in turn, pass on better service to your customers.

Overall, companies who use the advanced tools of help desk software, such as the ones available with I'm OnCall, are able to provide a superior customer experience that outperforms their competitors.

Web Based Help Desk Software

Based on 01 Communique's U.S. patented remote software technology, the award winning I'm OnCall help desk software is a cost-effective, on-demand help desk management solution.

With minimal upfront costs to integrate I'm OnCall into your service department and the flexibility to grow with your company, I'm OnCall remote support is the preferred help desk software today.

For more information about our Help Desk Software please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.

Ask us about our Free 30 Day Help Desk Software Trial.

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Iā€™m OnCall Remote IT Support & Help Desk Software

It is a cost-effective, secure online help desk software which allows support organizations to offer remote support over the Internet to their customers.
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I'm OnCall is a secure Help Desk Software that auto-configures a temporary connection to your customer's PC or Mac without any pre-installed software. You can quickly and efficiently resolve your customer's technical and IT support issues with on demand PC and Mac remote control. With I'm OnCall, resellers, IT help desks, software vendors and other support organizations can deliver outstanding live customer support while reducing overall support costs.
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Remote sessions can be directly reassigned by technicians.
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