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I'm InTouch Online Meeting, Leading Online Meeting Software

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About I'm InTouch Online Meeting

Why fight the logistical challenges of scheduling multiple people to meet in person when you can save time and money by hosting a group meeting online, securely and easily?

Leading Online Meeting Software

Our I'm InTouch Meeting software is specifically designed to allow you to conduct an online meeting with up to 15 attendees at any given time.

With a unique licensing model that allows multiple users to share a single license, businesses using I'm InTouch Meeting are realizing significant benefits:

  • Time Savings – Attendees of a group meeting online do not need to leave their desk or travel so there's a lot less wasted time. Attendees have the ability to work right up until the scheduled meeting time, and then efficiently pick up right where they left off following the online meeting.

  • Cost Savings – Unlimited usage of a license means you can schedule as many online meetings (of any length) with attendees regardless of location – greatly reducing hefty travel expenses.

In addition, I'm InTouch Meeting can increase your workplace productivity and efficiency by making shorter and more frequent meetings feasible – attendees can log in for a short, focused online meeting on a regular basis rather than having to wait for a quarterly or annual meeting.

Award Winning Group Meeting Software

The I'm InTouch online meeting software earned TMC Labs' 2011 Innovation Award for distinguished communication features, such as:

  • Easy to use interface capable of hosting up to 15 attendees per group meeting online

  • Industry leading security features including attendee password protection, 256-bit SSL data encryption and removal of session data

  • Interactive user features including file transfers, remote printing, real time screen sharing and whiteboard drawing tools

One of the biggest selling features of a group meeting online is that attendees do not need to subscribe to attend a meeting – they simply enter their assigned user name and password in their browser to join the online meeting.

Host A Group Meeting Online Today

Whether you plan to host an online meeting between branches, with clients across the country or with partners around the world, I'm InTouch Meeting will exceed your expectations.

01 Communique's leading remote technology is built on over 10 years of development ensuring the best in terms of usability, security and customer support.

For more information about our unique software for conducting a Group Meeting Online please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.

Advantages of Online Training and Web Conferencing

Looking for a better way to bring your employees or clients together for highly effective online meetings or even online training sessions?

01 Communique's I'm InTouch Meeting features powerful web conferencing software that includes online training solutions designed to host collaborative and engaging live training sessions with up to 15 attendees.

The Power of Online Training Solutions

There are three primary advantages to scheduling and hosting a web conference or online training session with I'm InTouch online meeting software:

  • Online Training Is Responsive – Set up an online training session and within minutes you can share time sensitive information with your employees, team members, clients or suppliers.

  • Online Training Is Interactive – Built in collaborative tools such as a whiteboard, text and audio chat, plus shared desktop control help create engaging learning environments for all attendees.

  • Online Training Is Economical – A single license provides unlimited usage for multiple users to schedule and host online training sessions, reducing the time and financial costs of in-person training sessions.

Consider using I'm InTouch Meeting's online training solutions when your attendees are in different locations and in-class sessions are not possible or when your training material requires interaction and collaboration.

User Friendly Web Conferencing

The I'm InTouch online meeting software provides one of the industry's most comprehensive web conferencing and online training solutions.

  • Your online training hosts will be at ease when scheduling and hosting training sessions.

  • Trainees new to web conferencing will appreciate the simple login process for joining online meetings and benefit from receiving up-to-date information when it matters most.

At the end of the online training session, participants also have the option of archiving the online training session for future reference.

Ask Us About Better Online Training Solutions

The I'm InTouch Meeting software will equip your workforce with the web conferencing tools they need to stay current with new products and services and provide an effective way to build and improve client relationships.

For more information about web conferencing with I'm InTouch Meeting with its application for Online Training Solutions, please contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or by email.

Benefits of Web Conferencing Software

Many companies have already resorted to using IT based web conferencing software as effective tools for conducting online meetings for both personal and business communications.

Regardless of how you plan to use remote web conferencing, I'm InTouch Meeting can help you host successful and worthwhile online meetings and conferences.

Leading Web Conferencing Software

01 Communique has taken web conferencing a step further with its 100% desktop and browser based I'm InTouch Meeting web conferencing software.

There is no need for attendees to subscribe to join the online meetings and within minutes, web conferencing hosts can set up and start an online conference for group discussions, management meetings and webinars.

Sharing information through Remote Access Software has never been this simple:

  • Transfer Files
  • Present PowerPoint Slides
  • Brainstorm Using an Online Whiteboard
  • Encourage Discussions Through Text And Audio Chat
  • And Even Give Temporary Screen Control To Attendees

The web conferencing tools included in I'm InTouch Meeting are specifically designed for groups requiring a practical way to host online meetings with colleagues, employees, clients, suppliers and industry leaders.

Web Conferencing Software Features

With our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use features you can realize cost-effective web conferencing solutions.

When you compare webinar or web conferencing software, look for features that will create an interactive learning environment, such as the ones available with I'm InTouch Meeting. The benefits include:

  • Easy interface to send invitations and host web conferences
  • Simple participant login process
  • Unlimited online meetings for multiple users with no overage fees
  • Secure web conferencing with passwords, data encryption, session time outs and more
  • Interactive user features such as whiteboards, file transfers and remote printing

Ask About Web Conferencing Solutions

Benefit from unlimited online meetings using the power of our live web conferencing software and integrate its many capabilities into all departments of your business including Sales, Public Relations, HR and IT.

Ask about further cost savings on our affordable web conferencing software licenses when your purchase in bulk!

For more information about conducting online meetings using our powerful I'm InTouch Meeting software please contact us at
1-800-668-2185 or by email.

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I'm InTouch Online Meeting & Web Conferencing Software

It is a cost-effective, easy, fast and yet powerful online meeting and web conferencing software. You will be up and running in minutes.
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I'm InTouch Meeting is based on our technology platform that is US Patent-protected (#6928479, #6938076). You can trust the inventor for all your Online Meetings, Online Training, Webinar, Web Conferencing, Online Meeting Software, Conferencing Software and your Online Training Solutions!
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