Benefits & Advantages

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One-time Purchase Licensing
User licenses are a one-time purchase. In other words, there is no monthly or annual subscription fee to pay. Learn more by reviewing our Technology WhitePaper.
Highly Scalable
The I'm InTouch Server Edition creates communications between the remote user and the host desktop computer with all the required administrative functionalities. Most processing is done at the host computer. This unique "Distributed Processing" server architecture means that a single server can handle 500 to 2,000 users, depending on the specific server hardware configuration.
Easy Deployment
Install the I'm InTouch Server Edition within your network and create user accounts. By entering your employees' or customers' email addresses within their account profile, the system will automatically send invitation emails to them and prompt them to activate their computers for remote access. They can simply follow the instructions on the invitation email to download and run the I'm InTouch enabling software on their computers. Within minutes their computers will become I'm InTouch-enabled. Users can then login from any Internet capable device and see their computers as if they were sitting in front of them. Any computer user can do it easily without training.
Centralized System Administration
System administrators can easily add, remove and manage users, control user restrictions and view usage reports (refer to feature lists). I'm InTouch Server Edition is a cost-effective solution for businesses requiring a premise-based remote access software that they can fully manage and control. If you would like to do remote access to a single computer or even multiple remote desktops in your business but prefer that we manage the technology for you, try our I'm InTouch hosted subscription service instead.