Host your own I'm InTouch remote access service

By installing the I'm InTouch Server Edition at your business, you are hosting your own I'm InTouch remote access service for your employees. This means your employees will be remotely accessing their office computers via your own I'm InTouch servers instead of the servers hosted by 01 Communique.
While this is equally secure as our hosted I'm InTouch remote access service, there is no monthly/annual subscription fees. You purchase the number of licenses you need one-time and you have 100% control in managing your users and bandwidth usage.
Although trial version of I'm InTouch Server Edition is not available, its remote access functionality is identical to the hosted I'm InTouch service. Sign up a free I'm InTouch trial account today and experience the convenience and benefits brought by our award winning products.
For more information or to purchase your I'm InTouch Server Edition, call 1-800-668-2185 or chat with our product specialists.