How It Works - as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step #1: Install the I’m InTouch Server Edition onto a server machine behind your firewall or within your DMZ (Optimized Linux OS is included in the package). You need to dedicate an IP address pointing to the I'm InTouch server machine - ideally a static IP address with an URL such as e.g.
Step #2: Create user accounts using the Administration Tools.
Step #3: Owners of the user accounts will receive an activation email. All they have to do is to follow the simple instructions on the email to install the I’m InTouch enabling software onto the computer that they want to remotely access. Thereafter the computer will become I'm InTouch-enabled.
Now owners of the I'm InTouch-enabled computers can remotely access their computers from virtually any Internet connected devices via a company web page that the system administrator defines during the server installation in step #1 above. The I'm InTouch server then creates a secure encrypted connection between the I'm InTouch-enabled computer and the accessing device.
Click the "Features" page to learn more about the remote access features and the system administration/reporting tools.
For more information about the I'm InTouch Server Edition, download the following:
- Technology White Paper
- Security White Paper