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I’m InTouch Remote Control Software Features

General Remote Control

PC Remote Control

I'm InTouch's PC remote control software allows you to login to your distant PC from any other PC in the world with an Internet connection.

Central Administration

I'm InTouch's Central Administration controls allow you to manage and access all your I'm InTouch remote desktop computers from a single screen.

Pocket PC Remote Control

You can remote control your distant PC's desktop from your Pocket PC! With a remote desktop connection you can run programs and files as though you were sitting in front of your PC. 

File Management

File management is simplified with I'm InTouch remote control software: you can transfer files to and from your local drives and networks to the distant PC, using the File Transfer feature. 

Remote Desktop Printing

Remote desktop printing enables you to print any documents that are present on your distant PC to the local printer! 

Remote Audio

Remote Audio support allows you to listen to music, watch videos, and run programs with sound during your remote control sessions.  

Smart Remote Desktop Viewer

Through the remote desktop connection, the Smart Remote Desktop Viewer ensures your distant desktop is intelligently scaled for maximum clarity on any monitor.

Multi Monitor Support

Why use one monitor when you can use two or three? The I'm InTouch remote desktop software supports multi monitor set-ups on the host computer. 

Full Customization

I'm InTouch remote access software has a variety of privacy and functionality options allowing you to customize how your PC behaves during a remote session.

Remote Outlook (i.e. remote email)

Contact Management

Integrated Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Mail access provides an easy contact management system: with a remote connection you can access your contact information from anywhere, ensuring you never have to carry an address book again. 

Online Calendar

The remote control software allows you to enjoy anytime access to your online calendar from any PC or wireless device. You will never have to synchronize your laptop or wireless device with your PC again! 

Remote Email Access

I'm InTouch remote desktop software gives you remote email access, by providing you with direct access to your distant PC's Outlook, Outlook Express & Windows Mail.

Wireless Email

Access to wireless email and wireless notifications is possible from any wireless device with an Internet connection and web browser. 


Remote Presentation / Web Conferencing

Remote presentation becomes simple when you use I'm InTouch's guest invite and guest access features. Invite up to 10 guest users to share your desktop, and run presentations, demos and sales training through web conferencing, all on your PC! 

Remote Chat Software

Send messages between the remote and host PC using the chat software in I’m InTouch. 

Live Streaming Video

Stay in touch with your office or family when you are on the road by using the live streaming video feature of the I’m InTouch remote desktop software.

Additional Features

Remote Wake-Up

I'm InTouch Remote Wake-Up allows you to quickly access your remote desktop computer even if it is turned off.

Physical Authentication

Use the SecurePC and/or the SecureKEY to add Physical Authentication to your I'm InTouch remote access session to ensure only you can access your machine.

Automatic Login

Quickly gain remote access to your I'm InTouch PC by plugging the SecureKEY USB remote access into the USB slot on any computer with an Internet connection.

Child Monitoring Software

By using the "stealth mode" feature of the I'm InTouch remote control software you can monitor and control your child's computer and Internet activities remotely.

Be up and running in minutes. Make a secure Remote Desktop Connection and use our powerful Remote Computer Access software to securely remote access and control your distant PC with ease.

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