Welcome to the World of I'm InTouch!

Thank you for choosing I'm InTouch.

I'm InTouch lets you work remotely by controlling your office computer as if you are physically there. Here is a summary of all the powerful features of I'm InTouch as well as the newly added features in this release.

Zero-Trust Security

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  • End-to-end encryption to maintain 100% privacy
  • 2-Factor Authenticationlink to more info
  • LDAP authenticationlink to more info
  • MAC address restrictionlink to more info
  • Wake up a remote computer that is powered offlink to more info

Every Feature You Need

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  • Unlimited remote accesslink to more info
  • Remote printinglink to more info
  • File transferlink to more info
  • Remote 2-way audiolink to more info
  • Multi-monitor supportlink to more info
  • Free mobile apps
  • Keyboard/mouse lock
  • Blanking screen
  • Clipboard sync
  • Whiteboard

Outlook Mobilization

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  • Notify your mobile device upon receiving important emailslink to more info
  • Access your Outlook Inbox remotelylink to more info

Unlimited Scalability

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  • Central users administration for 1 to unlimited number of userslink to more info
  • Users grouping