Security on I'm InTouch Remote Access Technology

256-bit SSL Data Encryption ensures your transmitted data stays private with end-to-end encryption and authentication.
Security White Paper 
No Port Opened on your firewall ensures your current security measures are not compromised during the remote desktop connection.
Remote Wake-Up allows you to shut down your remote computer when not in use and later wake it up even if it has been powered off (refer to System Requirements).
Physical Authentication (optional) combines I'm InTouch Remote Desktop with the I'm InTouch SecureKEY to ensure only the computer with your SecureKEY inserted can remotely access your computer.
Dual Login Passwords further enhance the security, making sure no unauthorized access or remote connection is possible.
Secure Password Storage ensures that your remote desktop password is stored only on your computer, not on any server, for maximum security.
Account Protection will temporarily lock your account after multiple failed remote desktop login attempts.
Session Time-Out will automatically terminate your remote access session after your defined period of inactivity.
No Session Data is left on the remote desktop servers maximizes privacy. It is unsafe to leave any trace of your remote desktop session on anyone's machine, particularly on a public Internet terminal, which you will not know who the next user is. Therefore, as a responsible vendor, I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software is designed to leave no trace of the remote session on the client computer when you terminate the remote control session. This ensures that your security will never be compromised and that you can confidently access your computer remotely from anywhere, even from a public Internet kiosk.