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Mobile Mailbox
Other Features
Our seamless Outlook Integration lets you access your Outlook without having to remotely control the screen of your computer. This is especially useful if the screen of your mobile device is too small to do remote control effectively. You can access your Outlook via a regular browser as well as our free app I'm InTouch GoMail for mobile devices. With I'm InTouch GoMail your Outlook becomes mobile. Unlike other mobile mailbox services, your Outlook data will not be duplicated or reside on any third party cloud storage. Hence, it maximizes data security/privacy with no third party storage fee.
Handling of Attachments on your mobile device is finally a reality. Using I'm InTouch GoMail you can insert attachments from your computer's local/network drives or save inbound attachments the same way without having to leave them on any third party's cloud storage. This maximizes security.
Real-time Notification can be configured to notify you on your mobile device when new emails arrive at your Outlook. It can also be configured to receive notifications from certain email senders only. Hence, you will not be bothered by unimportant mail notifications.
Outlook Contacts and Outlook Calendar database can also be remotely accessed, ensuring that they are always up-to-date. (Available on the browser interface only.)