Benefits of I'm InTouch

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Versatile Remote Desktop Connection
Features list 
  • Remote control and operate programs installed on the remote desktop
  • All data remains on your office computer without duplicating on any cloud
  • Turn your Outlook into a mobile mailbox (emails, calendars and contacts)
  • Transfer and Print documents remotely
  • Listen to any file/video played at the remote computer
  • Wake up a remote computer that is turned off
  • No risk of losing your data even if your mobile device is stolen
Affordable and Easy-to-use
Sign up for our Free 30 Day I'm InTouch Trial and start enjoying unlimited remote desktop access to your computer. The Central Administration page provides an easy way to manage remote desktop connection users within an organization. Whether you require a remote desktop solution for personal usage or for employees within a large business, I'm InTouch remote desktop is fully scalable to meet all your needs.
Seamless Integration
You can remotely control your computer from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. I'm InTouch eliminates the need to move, copy, or synchronize data between computers.
Safe and Secure Access
I'm InTouch remote control software performs with "bank-level" security features to protect all transmitted data using 256-bit SSL Data Encryption, Dual Login Passwords, Closed Ports and Session Time-Out features.
Each remote desktop license grants you unlimited remote desktop connection to one computer. Price discounts are available for multi-license purchases.
For over a decade I'm InTouch has been addressing your Remote Desktop solution needs. Our clients have confirmed that our remote control software is one of the most secure, user-friendly and affordable options available.