Security for I'm InTouch Server Edition

I'm InTouch Server Edition is a secure and reliable remote access solution that can be easily integrated into your company's existing network and security policies. The remote access software is designed with a secure system architecture. It requires minimal, if any, change to your existing business network configurations when implemented. It provides all the necessary measures and tools to ensure that your business resources are always safe during any remote access session.
Security on both the I'm InTouch Server Edition and standard I'm InTouch subscription
- SSL end-to-end data encryption
- No port opened on the internal firewall
- Remotely wake-up an I'm InTouch-enabled computer that has been shutdown
- Physical authentication of the remote computer (access client)
- Dual login passwords
- Password safely stored on the I'm InTouch-enabled computer instead of the central server
- Account locking protection after multiple failed login attempts
- Session time-out after a defined period of inactivity
- No session data is stored on the central server
- Retain all access control already in place on the user's I'm InTouch-enabled computer
Additonal security on the Server Edition
- Server(s) deployed on business premise within DMZ or behind corporate firewall
- Requires only the standard Internet port 80/433 opened to the server
- Usage reports on all remote desktop connection users by date range
- Centralized administration for granting or denying users access to specific features
- Centralized administration for managing users' day/time access restrictions