Mobile Workers can create a remote desktop connection and access programs, applications and emails residing on their distant computers.
Mobile Device Users can remote control their computers or access the content on their Outlook (including email notification) via our various free mobile apps.
Lawyers can ensure all their emails and files never leave their offices by using I'm InTouch to do remote computer access. No more risk of losing confidential data.
Sales Professionals can use remote computer access to manage their contact database back at the distant computer from anywhere. No more sync or copy data.
Parents can monitor and control their child's usage of the Internet by watching their activities in real-time using the remote control software.
Small Business Owners can use remote desktop software to increase productivity of their employees, at a fraction of the cost of traditional VPN server.
Travelers can use a remote desktop connection to enjoy anytime, anywhere remote access to their distant computers with no geographical boundary.
Real Estate Agents can use remote computer access to login from anywhere to their office computers to access files and information they require. They can also do remote printing for any listing or brochure they need.