Remote Access your computer via any device on the Internet

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Work anywhere you like with no geographical boundary
I'm InTouch is a remote desktop connection software. It offers fast, easy, and secure remote access and remote control capabilities for you to control your distant computer via the Internet using virtually all kind of Internet capable devices.
I'm InTouch is a revolutionary mobile mailbox. It mobilizes your Outlook and lets you keep all your inbound and outbound emails securely on your own computer. It does not store any message on your device for enhanced security. In addition, when sending emails from your mobile device you can insert attachments from your computer's local/network drives or save inbound attachments the same way without having to leave them on any third party's cloud storage. This maximizes security.
I'm InTouch also has an intelligent notification feature. You can configure to receive real-time alerts at your mobile device when emails from certain pre-defined senders arrive at your Outlook. This means you will not be bothered by unimportant messages.