About I'm InTouch Server Edition

I'm InTouch Server Edition allows corporations to privately host on their own premises the award-winning I'm InTouch remote access service. This server software utilizes I'm InTouch's patent-protected remote access technologies and is private to the employees of the corporation.
Why hosting your own I'm InTouch remote access service?
With the Server Edition, the remote access server gateway is located "on site" as opposed to the server hosted by 01 Communique. While this is equally secured, it can satisfy the policy of many corporations as all the remote access traffic is going through your own “in house” server infrastructure. Plus there is no monthly or annual subscription fee. You purchase the number of licenses you need one time and you have 100% control in managing your users and bandwidth usage
I'm InTouch Server Edition comes with all the standard features of I'm InTouch plus a powerful system administration tool.
Patent-protected remote access solution
01 Communique has developed its patented remote access software technology for over a decade. Our leading-edge technologies provide the best protection and privacy to businesses requiring employees to remotely access their company computers and servers