Remote Access Software Packages

Tired of being chained to your office PC when you could be working on the go?

Remote Access gives you the freedom to control your computer remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Become more flexible with remote access software for Windows. The remote access program allows you to log into your office PC and control it through an Internet connection, as if you were sitting in front of it.

In less than five minutes, a simple installation of the remote access software gives you instant access to your spreadsheets, word documents, contact database, email and more!

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How to Access Your Computer Remotely

Remote access couldn’t be any easier:

  1. Install the Remote Access Software on the “host” computer, which is the computer that will be remotely accessed
  2. By using any other computer or wireless device, simply log in at I’m InTouch Desktop
  3. Access files and programs through the remote access server, just as if you were sitting at the remote computer

Host Computer

The remote access software must be installed and registered on the host computer. This is the computer that you will be accessing via the Web from other locations. Once the remote access software is configured your PC is accessible through any other electronic device with an internet connection.

Remote Access Software Installation

Our remote access software packages can be installed on any computer with Windows XP or higher that has an Internet connection. Setting up the software requires choosing a Computer Name and setting up login information; it only takes a few minutes.

Local Computer, PC or Mobile Device

Get in touch with your host computer through virtually any computer, mobile phone or Smartphone that has an Internet connection. Using your web browser, simply visit Remote Access Login and enter the host Computer Name and Login Information.

Remote Access Server

Not to be confused with the remote access software, the remote access server includes both the server machine and the software that is set up to allow access to the network from a remote location.

I’m InTouch offers two options for the remote access server:

  • Hosted on 01 Communique’s I’m InTouch secure server
  • Hosted on the customer’s server for the purposes of protecting highly confidential information

Why Choose Remote Access software?

While each business is different, the four most common reasons given for installing remote access software for business are:

  1. To improve employee productivity
  2. To streamline workflow
  3. To promote a flexible work environment
  4. To reduce technology and hardware costs

Remote Access Software Applications

Many businesses in the United States, Canada and Worldwide are realizing remote access benefits through the specific applications of I’m InTouch remote access software.

Specific remote access applications include:

  • Enabling employees to work from any location at any time
  • Running desktop applications hosted on the host computer
  • Hosting online presentations or conferences from the remote desktop
  • Collaborating with co-workers on team projects
  • Promoting secure transfer and file sharing of confidential or proprietary information within the firm
  • Printing remote documents on your local printer
  • Managing Outlook email, contacts and calendar

Web Remote Access Service - Security Features

01 Communique’s innovative remote access software comes standard with industry leading compatibility and security features including:

  • 256-bit SSL Data Encryption
  • Physical Authentication
  • Dual Login Passwords
  • Temporary account locking after multiple failed login attempts
  • Session time-out after a period of inactivity
  • Remote session data is not kept on our servers

Web Remote Access Software Compatibility

With the initial installation of your web remote access software you can use any PC or wireless device to access your computer programs and files without worrying about additional compatibility installations.

Remote access software has been tested to support the following browsers (not inclusive):

  Internet Explorer 7.0+ Blazer
  Mozilla Firefox 5.0+ BlackBerry Browser
  Opera Browser Microsoft Pocket PC
  Internet Explorer and More!

Remote access software supports the following languages:

  English Chinese (traditional and simplified)
  French Portuguese (Brazil)
  German Spanish

Remote Access Software Network Security

I’m InTouch uses patented technology that establishes a secure connection between the current (local) device and the distant (remote) device. Your network remains safe and secure thanks to the same encryption technologies (Secure Socket Layer [SSL] 256 bit) used by many online banking processors.

Remote Access Software Free Trial

I’m InTouch offers a 30 day Remote Access Software Trial – 100% risk free! During this time users can use the remote access software anywhere, become acquainted with the features and test integration with current work processes. Once the trial is over an easy one step “Subscribe Now” button allows you to purchase the remote access software, choosing from monthly or annual billing.

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With free support and upgrades at no additional cost, I’m InTouch is not only one of the most secure remote access software packages on the market it is also one of the most affordable.

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For more information about our remote access service or to learn more about Remote Access Software applications, please contact 01 Communique:

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