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Security for I’m InTouch Remote Computer Access Software

Security Features

Remote Computer Access Security Benefit
256-bit SSL Data Encryption
Ensures your transmitted data stays private with end to end encryption and authentication.
No Ports Opened
No new ports are opened on your firewall or routers, ensuring your current security measures are not compromised during the remote desktop connection. 
Remote Wake-Up
No need to leave your computer running when not in use just so you can remotely access it.
Physical Authentication
Combine I'm InTouch Remote Desktop with the I'm InTouch SecurePC and/or SecureKEY to ensure that only your SecurePC or a computer with the SecureKEY inserted can remotely access your PC.
Dual Login Passwords
Two passwords are required to begin the remote access session, making sure no unauthorized access or remote desktop connection is possible.
Secure Password Storage
Your passwords are only stored on your computer, not on any servers, for maximum security.
Account Protection
Multiple failed remote desktop login attempts will result in your account being temporarily locked out to protect against unauthorized access.
Security Settings Maintained
I'm InTouch retains your OS-level access controls already in place on the PC.
Session Time-Out
Your remote access session will automatically terminate after a period of inactivity you define.
No Session
Data Kept
None of your remote desktop session data is kept on our servers ensuring your work stays private.
It is unsafe to leave any trace of your remote desktop session, especially in an unfriendly environment such as a public Internet café, where you never know who the next person using the computer could be. Therefore, as a responsible vendor, I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software leaves no trace of the remote session on the client PC when you terminate the remote control session. This ensures that your security is never compromised and that you can confidently remotely access your PC from anywhere, even a public computer.

You can also read the independent security audit report conducted on I'm InTouch Remote Desktop Software by Peregrine Technology by clicking here (link to Peregrine Technology audit PDF). 

You can be up and running in minutes with a secure Remote Desktop Connection. Use our powerful Remote Computer Access software to securely remote access and control your distant PC with ease.

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