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Wireless Email Software

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I'm InTouch provides a wireless device user with Wireless Email Software, that allows them to manage remote email and receive wireless notifications of new emails that have arrived at the remote PC. 

  • Wireless Email Software With wireless email software, enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and being able to manage Outlook email, calendar and contacts information. 
  • View files present at your remote PC with your wireless PDA - the files are automatically rendered into a format that you can view. 
  • With I'm InTouch's wireless email software, attach files to a new email you are composing from any wireless PDA or cell phone. Include a file that is present on your local or network drive to your email. Because the email is being transmitted by your remote PC, little wireless data bandwidth is being consumed. 
  • You can now have confidence that any important email at your desktop will always be within reach with I'm InTouch's wireless email software. You can also set up Wireless Email Notification, to receive an alert of any new email arriving at your desktop, so you can immediately login and reply. 
  • I'm InTouch Messenger for BlackBerry® handhelds
    I ’m InTouch service when combined with the BlackBerry messenger utility, allows you to use your BlackBerry to view files residing on your PC. It also provides a unique way to compose new emails when you are required to attach files present on your distant PC or network to the email. Manage wireless email, view and attach files - the BlackBerry messenger utility makes it simple. When you select the I'm InTouch messenger icon on your BlackBerry handheld, you have completely automated remote login sequence, which saves you the time that is normally needed to authenticate yourself to the I'm InTouch server. 

Wireless Email Software

With I'm InTouch's Wireless Email Software, you can configure your I'm InTouch to notify you of any new emails that arrive at your desktop, or filter the messages by the sender's email address. You can increase your Customer Service efficiency and gain a competitive advantage by promptly replying to people when you are away from the office.