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Remote Email Access

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I'm InTouch's Remote Email Access feature provides direct access to your Outlook/Outlook Express email. It allows you to manage email remotely from another PC or wireless device. All actions on your local PC or wireless device are updated in real time at your remote PC, so upon your return to the office, your email history is up to date. 

If the email client you use is other than Outlook, you can still enjoy remote email access by logging into your distant PC from a local PC or Pocket PC device, and using I'm InTouch's Remote Control feature. 

  • Access and work on your remote email as though you were sitting at your desk. Use the direct access to your Inbox feature, and login to manage your email, or use I'm InTouch's Remote Control session to view your entire desktop. The direct access feature is great for users with wireless devices, looking for a simple way to keep on top of work with remote email access. 
  • With I'm InTouch's remote email access feature, you no longer need to log into different email servers to reach your email. Simply log into your PC to manage email present in your Outlook/Outlook Express in real time. 
  • While composing email remotely, attach files that are present back on your distant PC or network. When the email is sent, it will be present in your Sent Items folder of your office PC. 

Remote Email Access - From a PC or Pocket PC
Remote Email Access

Access Your Email Remotely

Remote Email Access -  From a Wireless PDA
Remote Email AccessRemote Email Program Access




I’m InTouch’s Remote Emal Access feature integrates with email clients on the desktop PC - Outlook & Outlook Express. All remote actions are instantly updated in real time at the distant desktop PC, eliminating the need for managing multiple email accounts, and the need for synchronizing multiple devices. 

The remote email access feature also makes viewing email attachments easy and convenient, even if the local PC or wireless device being used to login does not have the same application loaded on it. For example, you receive an email with a PDF attachment. However, the Internet kiosk you are using to remotely login does not have Acrobat installed on it. The I'm InTouch file viewer will render the PDF into a viewable format, allowing you to view the attachment.  

With remote email access, you can manage, view, reply, or compose emails with attachments from any wireless device with a browser. This includes cell phones, PDAs, Palms, Treos, BlackBerries and Pocket PCs. Because the email is being sent by the remote desktop PC, the remote email access feature and email transmission require only little wireless data bandwidth consumption.