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I'm InTouch - Features - Multi Monitor Support

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Multi Monitor Support

Remotely View Your Multiple Monitor Desktops

I'm InTouch includes support for multi monitor setups on the host PC.  You can connect as many monitors to your host computer as you want and I'm InTouch will automatically detect your multi monitor setup and configure the display accordingly on the remote PC.  You can now be more productive by working with multiple desktops no matter where you are. Work across multiple documents even if you are controlling your computer from a Pocket PC.

You can choose how your multiple monitors will be displayed on your remote PC or Pocket PC:

Display all your desktops simultaneously on the remote computer

See the big picture by viewing all your desktops on a single screen

Switch Between Desktops

You can also choose to display your multiple desktops one at a time with the ability to quickly switch between them. Use any of I'm inTouch's 3 view modes to see your desktop in full screen, actual size, or fit to the window.