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Parental Control Software

Using the Parental Control Software feature of I'm InTouch, monitoring a child's computer and Internet activities, when installed in "stealth mode", is easy. When in stealth mode, the user at the distant PC does not receive any indication that I'm InTouch is functioning.  Stealth mode gives parents the opportunity to use I'm InTouch to track their children's safety online.

I'm InTouch can either be installed in stealth mode, or post-installation, notifications can be disabled. When I'm InTouch Parental Control Software is running in stealth mode, parents can log into the distant PC to see what their child is doing online.

Installing I'm InTouch for Child Monitoring
Parental Control Software

Post Installation Configuration for Child Monitoring
Parental Control Software

To install I'm InTouch for Child Monitoring, the user must be physically present at the PC to be monitored.