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Workforce Mobility Solution

I’m InTouch Server Edition (SE) uses screen sharing technology to present your office PC and all business applications running on it to you. From virtually anywhere, using your home PC, Internet kiosk or hotel business center PC, you can login and remotely control your office PC to remain productive. The I’m InTouch Server gateway securely deploys behind your firewall or within your DMZ to meet corporate security policies and is sold as a one-time purchase, based on the number of PC’s that you require remote access to.

Allow your employees to stay on top of their business from virtually anywhere. Instant access to information on a PC back at the office, minimizes decision and procedural delays that are common when people are away and unable to stay in touch.
Improve customer response times. With access to your PC, email, files and calendar events from any available PC or wireless device, you can deliver on your customers expectations for a timely response.
Increase employee productivity. By introducing the opportunity and flexibility to complete work at any time, from anywhere, you'll benefit from employees that become more reliable and productive. Using their home PC, employees will be able to retrieve and work on files and office programs after work, when a family member is suddenly sick and they need to remain at home, or to avoid unproductive time on the road contending with traffic chaos. For everyone, stress levels will be down, productivity and morale way up.
New tools that can help you increase sales. Beyond mobile access to the documents and resources needed to close sales, I’m InTouch includes the ability to invite customers to visit PCs to run online presentations or training sessions. It can also be used as a powerful remote-support tool, allowing you to provide remote assistance to your customers.
Avoid buying laptops, unnecessary hardware expenses and increase corporate data security. The ability to use any computer to remotely access your office, without pre-configuring software on it, alters the traditional approach of rolling out expensive laptops and implementing VPN solutions for remote access to business information. Fewer laptops also reduces the inherent risk of laptop theft and loss of sensitive company information. You'll find I'm InTouch a very affordable and easy-to-deploy solution with no hidden operating costs and ready to meet your needs.
Maximize ROI through centralized system management and reporting. You keep total control of who is authorized to remotely access business resources and see the results of mobilizing your business firsthand with employee remote access usage statistics.

See Features for more details about what you can do using I’m InTouch SE.

I’m InTouch Server Edition is for businesses requiring a premise based remote access solution that they can fully manage and control. If you would like remote access to a single PC or multiple PC’s in your business but prefer that we take care of managing the technology for you, try I’m InTouch, our hosted subscription service. Email us at or call 800-668-2185 for more information on our I’m InTouch remote access solutions.

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