Remote IT Support Software Solutions

Maintaining and exceeding customer expectations in terms of service and support are of utmost importance in retaining profitability considering that in recent years:

Remote IT support solutions are a cost-effective way of improving the overall customer experience. Online Remote Support is the next wave in the service industry, combining IT support with customer service.

Remote Support Software

IT remote support, also referred to as remote help desk software, is an online platform that creates a quick, secure connection between the technician’s computer and the customer’s computer, usually within seconds.

Once the customer gives permission, the technician gains remote desktop access in order to resolve technical issues, install updates or teach the customer how to use new software.

01 Communique’s unique remote IT support service, I’m OnCall, allows you to do this by offering custom branded solutions with incident tracking and historical records while increasing the speed and efficiency of problem resolution.

Our remote support software doesn’t install anything on the customer’s PC and after the remote support session is over all traces of the session are removed.

To help you save money, its unique licensing model allows multiple technicians to share one license in order to access the software at different times and provides unlimited remote support sessions.

Remote IT Support Benefits

Many businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that remote IT support provides. The remote IT support software advantages focus on reducing down time and providing immediate customer service solutions such as:

  • Providing technical support superior to that of the competition
  • Introducing new technical services to grow your bottom line
  • Reducing employee downtown with “on demand” remote IT support
  • Increasing response and problem resolution time
  • Improving customer retention and satisfaction
  • Tracking technician’s individual performance in terms of satisfaction and resolution

Remote IT Support Applications

The benefits of I’m OnCall remote support software can be applied to a variety of industries. Regardless of your products and services, I’m OnCall remote help desk software can work for you.

Resellers – Overcome decreasing margins and become a profitable Value Added Reseller (VAR) by utilizing remote IT support to provide the best in post-sale technical support and services.

Software Vendors – Provide after sales support for configuration and use of software as well as real time interaction to resolve unexpected problem areas.

Internal Help Desk – Use remote support to reduce disruptions in employee productivity with on-demand remote technical assistance.

IT Support Organizations – Remote IT support provides the best technology services in terms of troubleshooting, upgrades and maintenance.

Managed Service Provider – Supply cost effective remote IT support for small business customers without their own IT department to maintain a predictable income flow.

Visit our Remote Support Applications page for more details about how our remote support help desk software can benefit your workplace.

Remote IT Support Security and Privacy

Built with the end user in mind, our remote support software is unrivalled when it comes to security and peace of mind.

When you compare security features and prices you won’t find a better remote support help desk solution.

Each remote support component uses a 256-bit SSL Data Encryption to ensure customer privacy. Our IT remote support security also includes:

  • Data center hosting protected by 24-hour physical security, backup equipment and multiple network firewalls
  • Security settings are maintained since it uses already opened ports 80 and 443 (used in web browsing), there is no need to open ports in the firewall thus preventing holes in security perimeters
  • Password protected remote support technician login
  • Remote support requires customer permission before technician is granted remote access
  • Automatic termination of remote support access when IT support session is finished
  • Quick termination button available at all times to quickly end a remote IT support session
  • All traces of the session are removed after the remote IT support session is over

Ask Us About Remote IT Support Services

Our highly secure remote IT support software is a cost-effective way to provide outstanding customer service and support to customers anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The I’m OnCall remote IT support platform is engineered using U.S. Patents and the latest in Remote PC Access technologies to provide the absolute best in value and functionality when compared to similar remote support options on the market.

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