Remote Help Desk Software

Whether you are a reseller, an independent software vendor, an internal help desk department or a managed service provider, in order to provide the best in customer care your team of customer service reps and technicians must provide quick and effective solutions.

Many companies have resorted to using customer service Help Desk Software, which can vary in available features and usability.

To help you find the best help desk software for your workplace, we recommend that along with pricing and affordable licensing packages you should consider the following:

  • Administrative Features such as customer status reports
  • User Features such as rapid remote support connections
  • Security Features such as data encryption

Leading Computer Help Desk Software

Our I’m OnCall help desk software is specifically designed to allow you to provide the very best customer service possible while reducing your overall service costs.

I’m OnCall uses an auto-configured temporary Internet connection so you can gain Remote PC Access to your customer’s PC or Mac. In a simple click of a button your remote support service representatives will be on track to resolving your customers’ technical issues expediently and with ease.

For added security in assisting your customers our remote help desk software only establishes an instant remote connection to the customer’s PC upon customer approval. No pre-installed or additional software is required on the customer’s end plus, temporary access is terminated at the end of the session.

Software Features of I’m OnCall Help Desk Support

With our easy-to-use, web based help desk software you can customize your help desk support to suit your individual purposes.

When you compare help desk software, look for features that will help you provide customized customer support, such as the ones available with I’m OnCall, which includes:

» Incident and Status Charts

» Branded help desk with your logo on all user screens

» Service-focused interface including customer history and note fields

» Full remote desktop control including drag and drop file transfers and two way clipboards

» Unlimited remote help desk support sessions

» License and annual subscription price discounts

Web Help Desk Software FAQ’s

What web platforms does I’m OnCall support?

I’m OnCall remote support is accessible from Windows platform and the most popular browsers. All you need to do is log into your account. This leading help desk software establishes the secure connection so that you can focus on resolving your customer’s issues. See System Requirements for more details

When a customer calls for help – what’s next?

There are three easy steps to providing virtual support for your customers through the help desk software:

  1. Login to your I’m OnCall account and create a remote support help desk incident
  2. Request Remote Control Access using a pre-configured email
  3. Wait for I’m OnCall to Configure A Secure Connection and for the desktop viewer to automatically load on to your computer

It’s that simple. Once you establish a secure remote help desk session you are set to provide the technical support required to resolve your customer’s issues.

What other benefits does the Online Help Desk Software provide?

The best help desk software eliminates time delays and frustration often associated with traditional support methods such as phone or email support.

By remotely accessing your customer’s computers you can provide on-demand support with reduced call times. Live customer help desk support is also more productive for both customers and service representatives.

With full control over the customer’s computer and the ability to transfer files for installing updates and patches, your technicians and service representatives are well equipped to satisfy all your customers’ concerns!

Ask About Remote Support Help Desk Software Solutions

01 Communique holds several U.S. Patents on its award winning remote software applications and offers one of the top help desk softwares on the market.

Our remote support software is recognized by TMC Labs, InformationWeek SMB, and Computerworld. Visit our Help Desk Press Room for reviews and awards information.

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