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Communicate! - Fax Broadcasting & Voicemail Applications

Getting in touch with your contacts is now a breeze with 01 Communique’s voicemail and fax software products! Select who you want to reach, the method of delivery - fax, Internet email, or voicemail - and COMMUNICATE! sends the information the way you want. Receiving incoming voice calls, faxes, Internet email, and fax-on-demand on one phone line is no longer a problem since COMMUNICATE! detects the type of incoming call and answers it appropriately. The universal in-box makes it easy to keep track of all inbound and outbound messages. With COMMUNICATE! voicemail and fax software, productivity increases since you no longer waste time switching between different applications. With features like these, COMMUNICATE's voicemail software is the only computer communications tool you will ever need!

COMMUNICATE! with Anyone
Keeping your personal and business contact information organized is so easy with COMMUNICATE!'s powerful built-in Contact Manager. You can create targeted email, voicemail and fax broadcasting quickly and easily as well as manage your voicemail, fax, email, and other contact information. COMMUNICATE!'s multiple search features, hot-list capabilities, pre-defined and customizable information fields let you manage your contacts like never before. No need to purchase and learn a separate contact manager. Everything you need for contact management is included with this powerful voicemail and multi port fax broadcasting software.

COMMUNICATE! from Anywhere
COMMUNICATE! converts your PC into an intelligent auto-attendant so you can manage your voicemail and fax messages as well as administrative options from anywhere in the world! COMMUNICATE! answers your calls with your own pre-recorded message or standard greeting while you're away. And you can customize your voicemail system to hold an unlimited number of password-protected mailboxes. Calls will be answered and routed to the appropriate mailboxes. With COMMUNICATE! voicemail and fax software you can retrieve and forward your faxes to wherever you are and easily create an automatic Fax back service to provide your callers with information via fax. Without busting your budget, COMMUNICATE! voicemail and fax software brings to your office a variety of resources that were previously only available to large corporations.

Get the power of this industry leading Voicemail and Fax Broadcasting software working for you; use your PC (one convenient location) to manage and access all your communications.

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With COMMUNICATE! Deluxe you can utilize text-to-speech to listen to email messages during a remote phone retrieval or phone notification.
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