Applications Highlight:

The I'm OnCall Remote Support Software can benefit almost all industries with a Customer Service department!
Saving on Phone Lines
Applicable to all industries, I'm OnCall's Live Chat feature is a powerful tool you can implement to allow your customers engage into live chat sessions with your agents or customer service representatives. The cost saving in the reduction or complete elimination of the phone lines already justifies the I'm OnCall subscription fees.
Enhancing Productivity
Your agents or customer service representatives can simultaneously chat with more than one customer. This greatly enhances the overall productivity of your support or customer service department.
Resolving Technical Issues Fast
You can provide superb online help desk support and training services to your customer with I'm OnCall. Their computers are always within reach instantly, regardless of their locations. You can easily assist your customers in configuring and using your products as well as diagnosing and resolving problems as if you were on-site with them.
Minimizing Business Disruption
Employee downtime can be minimized by using I'm OnCall for your internal support. Your IT department and help desk agents can help resolving employees' technical issues, regardless of their geographical locations. For example, an agent is able to instantly take remote control of other colleagues' computers without having to configure any software or network connection to it.
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
A survey can be sent automatically after a support session. Customers can rate on the support services they have just received in this post-session survey.