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I’m InTouch Meeting is a powerful Web Conferencing Software tool that provides you with real time screen sharing, file transfer capabilities, text and audio chat plus whiteboard drawing tools and more.

01 Communique offers secure online web conferencing services with unlimited usage so you can conduct live meetings online whenever you like, with no time limits.

Web conferencing software support and upgrades are also included with each license at no extra cost.

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Live Web Conferencing Applications

Meeting and collaborating online with colleagues, clients, staff or students has never been easier and you can host a web conferencing meeting as many times in a month as you need.

Sales - Live web conferencing is ideal for Sales staff for demonstrating a product or making a live sales presentation to clients online, regardless of where clients are located or what time is most convenient for the client.

Training & Education – The web conferencing service will also allow your company to conduct training sessions online at anytime. Now you can efficiently help your employees stay current with new company procedures, policies, products or services. Live web conferencing tools can also be utilized for educational purposes so that students can use their computers to take in live lectures and presentations.

Collaboration & Management Meetings – With whiteboard and file transfer capabilities plus VoIP Integration and the ability to share control of the presenter’s desktop, this web conferencing software is perfect for impromptu management meetings. The software has everything you need to pull together key personnel, no matter where they are located, so that everyone can collaborate in real time and resolve important issues as they arise. For added collaboration and communication moderators can assign permission for attendees to take control of the desktop sharing in order to present new ideas or to lead the conversation.

Award Winning Online Web Conferencing Program

01 Communique’s I’m InTouch Meeting won Communications Solutions’ “2010 Product of the Year Award”as one of the market’s best web conferencing programs for business.

Also, TMC Labs presented 01 Communique with the “Internet Telephony Innovation Award

Web Conference System Requirements

Both the moderator and attendees will require the following systems in order to participate in the web conference:

  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Internet Connection and Browser
  • Microphone and Speakers (when using VoIP)

To learn more about system requirements for the I’m In Touch web conferencing solution please refer to our System Requirements Page.

Secure Web Conferencing

When the web conference host or moderator schedules a meeting they have the option of creating a password that all approved attendees must provide to join the online web conference.

Additional security features of the I’m InTouch web conferencing software includes:

  • 256-bit SSL Data Encryption
  • Account Protection for Multiple Failed Logins
  • Session Time-Out Specifications
  • Maintained Integrity of Existing Security Measures

As long as multiple users are not logged in simultaneously they can share one I’m InTouch Meeting license.

To learn more about the security features of the I’m InTouch web conferencing program please refer to our Security Page.

A Web Conferencing Solution for All Business Functions

Live web conferencing tools can be utilized by businesses of all sizes and can accommodate a variety of activities conducted by all the business functions within the workplace including:

  Sales Human Resources
  Public Relations IT Departments

Ask Us About Online Web Conferencing

Powerful and secure, I’m InTouch web conferencing software can be used to communicate and collaborate more effectively with remote employees through meetings, brainstorming sessions and employee training seminars.

Online web conferencing meetings are more productive and you can share ideas, information and files online in a secure platform. The web conferencing software will even allow you to keep a historical record of all online meetings for future reference.

Ask us about how you can benefit from our affordable and easy to use web conferencing software, I’m InTouch Meeting.

For more information about our web conferencing services and how you can utilize Remote Access Software to save on company traveling expenses while increasing the productivity within a positive interactive environment, please contact us:

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