Secure Online Meetings

I’m InTouch Meeting is a powerful, cost-effective web conferencing tool and the best Online Meeting Software on the market; ideal for making online presentations, training sessions or hosting impromptu meetings remotely.

Regardless of location the moderator can easily and securely collaborate and communicate online with multiple attendees including staff, colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.

The live online meeting tools are fast and very easy to use and designed to:

Improve Productivity
Enhance Communication
Save Time and Money

How to Host Online Meeting

  1. Start a Scheduled Meeting or Run an Instant Meeting - At the time of the meeting, the moderator can either start a scheduled meeting (pre-created/pre-set) or initiate a newly created Instant meeting (using all the factory-default settings).
  2. Invite Attendees – There are 2 ways a moderator can invite Attendees after successfully starting a meeting session; by phone or by email, whichever method best suits the moderator’s needs. I`m InTouch Meeting can invite as many as 15 attendees.
  3. Joining the Online Meeting – Depending on the method chosen by the moderator to invite his attendees, an attendee will have to join:
    • By phone: Go to the meeting website and enter the Meeting ID provided by the moderator by phone.
    • By email: Simply click on the link provided within the invitation email to automatically join the meeting.

Note: The presenter also has the option of requesting that attendees first enter a password.

That’s it…fast and easy. Once attendees have joined the web conference meeting they all remotely share the moderator’s desktop screen in real time through the Remote Access Software.

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Online Meeting Applications

Businesses in all industries and sectors can use this share desktop online meeting program to conduct:

Sales Events
Reach more customers, close more sales and save on travelling expenses; conduct live online sales presentations and real time product demonstrations for clients, regardless of where your clients are.

Live Webinars
Keep your clients, potential customers, suppliers and distributors in the loop with informative webinars and updates about your products and services.

Online Training and Education
Why travel or have remote employees come to your location when you can conduct training sessions remotely with online meeting software; ideal for regular meetings about new product lines, services, company policies, etc.

Management Meetings
Deal with any crisis or time sensitive issues immediately, in real time…regardless of where your management personnel may be located.

Group Discussions
Meet virtually and conduct real time brain storming sessions, board meetings and team discussions from anywhere and at anytime.

Online Meeting Tools

The web conferencing software also includes many administrative tools giving you everything you need to collaborate, communicate and conduct successful Online Meetings.

Real Time Desktop Sharing

All online meeting attendees can view the presenter’s desktop screen, which allows training events, demonstrations and presentations to be conducted in real time. The moderator can also give control of the desktop to specific attendees for more effective communication during discussions.

File Transfer Tool

During the web conference all of the meeting participants have the capability to immediately transfer files to each other, regardless of file sizes; no need to use email or worry about a file being too large.

Remote Printing Feature

While the online meeting is still in session the presenter can also send files to the local printers of the web conference attendees including presentation slides, notes or other files presented during the meeting.

Audio and Text Chat Tools

The moderator or host of the online meeting can enable the VoIP feature to lead the meeting and share ideas. Participants can also communicate through a common chat window to direct questions or comments without interrupting the presenter.

Whiteboard Drawing Tools

The host can enable drawing tools to reinforce main points or add clarification. Enabling this feature will allow participants to use the whiteboard as well as add their own ideas, each marked in a different color. This excellent web conferencing tool accommodates brainstorming sessions just as if the online meeting was taking place in front of a large whiteboard.

Phone Bridge / Toll free (New Feature)

Now attendees can also join by calling our phone bridge or toll free number. Attendees can select to use either VoIP (microphone and speaker) or the phone bridge/Toll free to participate in the meeting; in other words, in an online meeting you can have both and all participants will be able to hear and talk to each other.

Start Hosting Online Meetings Today

01 Communique’s online meeting web conferencing program comes equipped with a unique meeting administration interface that includes detailed reporting features. You won’t find a more robust management system built into any other web conferencing software on the market.

Enjoy our cost effective license model that is also unique to our online meeting software. Multiple users within your workplace can share one license, which is another great way to save you money. Schedule unlimited online meetings throughout the day with just one license!

For more information about our Mac online meeting software or the Microsoft online meeting software, or to inquire about how our web conferencing tools can benefit your workplace, please contact us:

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