Conduct Online Group Meetings

The Internet can provide a number of cost saving solutions to multiple business functions including live virtual Group Meetings Online via a remote meeting software.

01 Communique’s success has been built on providing businesses around the world with an easy to use remote group meeting software with state-of-the-art technology at a fair price.

With I’m InTouch, conducting a group meeting online using I’m InTouch Meeting is as easy as scheduling the meeting, inviting attendees and then hosting the online meeting.

  • You have unlimited usage and can schedule a group meeting online at any time.
  • You can invite up to 15 attendees to the group meeting online who do not need a subscription to join – it’s free.
  • You initiate real-time screen sharing with file transfer, remote printing, text/audio chat capabilities, and a telephone bridge/Toll free number.

Online Meeting Software Licenses and Pricing

Unlike other business meeting programs, the I’m InTouch Meeting conference software allows multiple users to share a single license, creating significant cost savings in the workplace.

Each online group meeting software license features:

  Unlimited Usage File Transfers
  Real Time Screen Sharing Remote Printing
  Text and Audio Chat (VoIP) Administration and Statistics Tools
  Whiteboard and Drawing Tools Up To 15 Online Meeting Attendees
  Control Access Rights Telephone Bridge/Toll Free Number

Read more about Group Meeting Online Software features.

Ask us about the special discounts available for annual plans and multiple license plans for conducting online group meetings.

Why Use Web Based Meeting Software?

Many businesses are turning to team meeting software, video meeting software or webinar meeting software for conducting a group meeting online because this is the latest form of technology that offers:

  1. Significant Time and Money Savings
  2. Fast And Easy To Use Interface Suitable For A Variety Of Applications
  3. Industry Leading Security Features

Online Group Meetings Savings

For most businesses, online group meeting software increases the flexibility of employees while decreasing the cost of conducting and attending meetings.

Conducting online group meetings reduces the time required to get to and from a meeting, thus increasing the productivity of each person in attendance.

Group online meeting software also completely eliminates travel expenses such as hotels, restaurants and airplane tickets that are required to attend distant meetings.

Online Group Meetings Applications

Web based online group meeting software can be used at all levels of business for a variety of purposes:

  • Sales can schedule a group meeting online with clients and potential clients to showcase products and services.
  • Human Resources can use online group meetings to train new and current employees.
  • Management can use online group meetings to collaborate with department heads and supervisors from various offices and branches.

Group Meeting Online Security Features

With secure online group meetings you can focus on conducting your meeting in a safe and protected environment.

  • Passwords are required for each attendee to join the online meeting.
  • 256-Bit SSL Data Encryption keeps the entire online group meeting private with end to end encryption.
  • Session data is not stored on the PC; once the online meeting is terminated everything is erased.

Best Group Meeting Online Software

Just four months after its product launch the I’m InTouch online meeting software won TMC Labs’ 2011 Innovation Award. The innovative features and focus on improving communications technology based on customer feedback set 01 Communique apart for this distinguished award.

Conduct a Group Meeting Online Today

Our online meeting software features an easy to use interface that provides customers with the fastest and most powerful online group meeting program on the market. Each license is quick to install and is secured with features such as login passwords, data encryption and session time-outs.

Enjoy the savings that come with our cost effective license model unique to our online group meeting software.

To learn more about online meetings or for information about any of our powerful Remote Access Software products, please contact us:

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