Sales Presentations - Conduct online meetings and sales presentations for your prospective customers with no geographical barrier anytime, anywhere, saving time and travelling costs.
Sales Demonstrations - No need to spend time to travel to face-to-face meetings. Now you can conduct online sales demonstrations to your prospective customers anytime anywhere and close more deals at your desktops.
Online Training Solutions - Imagine how flexibly and cost effectively you can conduct employee and software training at your desktop, with no geographical barriers or travelling costs.
Education - Teachers and tutors using the web conferencing software can allow students to attend their lectures anywhere even when if they are sick at home or traveling or in other countries.
Management Meetings - Department heads from different branches in different geographical regions can easily conduct online meetings and collaborate without travelling.
Group Discussions - Corporate board meetings, project group discussions, etc. can be conducted on a last-minute notice by using the powerful web collaboration and conferencing tools.