How It Works

COMMUNICATE! works with your fax/voice modem(s)* and turn your computer into a powerful multi-tasking communications manager with our multi port fax broadcasting software.
With built-in mailboxes that work right of the box, all you need to do is to plug the phone line into your fax/voice modem and launch COMMUNICATE! Our software will intelligently detect if an incoming call is a fax or a voice call. It will automatically answer the call in the appropriate mode.
There are virtually unlimited ways you may setup your own professional telephone answering system including multiple mail-boxes and the ability to simultaneously send and receive fax or voice messages.
COMMUNICATE! has a powerful built-in Phone Book that you can use to send fax broadcasts.
The text-to-speech feature allows you to call in from any phone and listen to your email messages.
* While COMMUNICATE! is compatible with virtually all fax/voice modems in the market, we cannot guarantee the functionality of modems. We recommend that if you are not sure about the compatibility with your fax/voice modem, it is recommended to download a free, no obligation, 30 day Free Trial of COMMUNICATE! to check its compatibiltiy.