Communicate! FAQs - Fax Broadcasting & Voicemail Software

How does the COMMUNICATE! voicemail and multi port fax broadcasting software work?
Do I need a separate phone line for voicemail & fax calls with COMMUNICATE!?
Can I retrieve my messages from a remote location?
What platforms do COMMUNICATE! support?
How is the COMMUNICATE! voicemail and fax software different from similar products on the market?
What about the color graphics editor?
What's special about COMMUNICATE!'s OCR capabilities?
What modems does COMMUNICATE! support?
How can COMMUNICATE! save me time and money?
COMMUNICATE! DELUXE displays "No modem available". How do I get it to initialize my modem successfully?
I cannot install COMMUNICATE! DELUXE. Why does it give "You have to be logged into Windows to install this program" error message?
After COMMUNICATE! DELUXE voicemail and fax software starts, why does it freeze-up the computer?
When I go into Setup screen most of the settings are grayed out. How can I change those settings?
Why can't I send or receive AOL email using COMMUNICATE! DELUXE?
I do not wish for multiple mailboxes since I am the only user. How can I set up a Simple Answering machine?
What is dialup access# and how do I setup Pager Notification? My pager company does not know anything about dialup access?
COMMUNICATE! DELUXE does not answer inbound calls. How do I ensure it is setup correctly?
COMMUNICATE! DELUXE does not allow me to scan multiple pages at a time. I need to scan and fax multiple page documents, is it possible?
How can I successfully import DBF database into COMMUNICATE! DELUXE?