Quantum-safe Cryptography

The most commonly used technique in cyber security is public key cryptography. This is also referred to as asymmetric cryptography. Its security is based on the complexity of computation. It takes a very long time (much longer than an average human life span) to crack such a mechanism even when using a super computer.
This is good enough until the public key cryptography can be broken easily by quantum computers, a new breed of computer that is poised to disrupt virtually all cyber securities in practice today, including blockchains. Quantum computers have evolved beyond fictions. We believe that it will be too late to act when quantum computers become more accessible by the public either through the cloud or even owning one.
01 Communique has quantum-leaped to research and developed a leading edge Quantum-safe Cryptographic system that can be implemented on classical computers while at the same time is safe against attacks from quantum computers. Our Quantum-safe Cryptographic system is applied to create a Post-Quantum Blockchain technology that is Quantum-safe. We will also apply our Quantum-safe Cryptography system to our legacy remote access products (e.g. I'm InTouch), making it the first Quantum-safe remote access technology in the world.
A video will be provided to explain more about our Quantum-safe Cryptography system. Stay tuned!