August 2021 #3

IronCAP™ is your Post-Quantum Encryption Solution

Cryptographic technologies are utilized by all industries and government bodies to verify the source and protect the data that they store. With the rapid advancement in quantum computing, we should be aware that our widely deployed cryptographic algorithms that are used to protect our data privacy and communications today will be threatened.  It’s anticipated that a quantum hack is around the corner if not here already.  Business leaders and government officials need to understand the risks and damages associated with quantum hacks and act NOW! Cryptographic algorithm transitions take time and involve massive coordination effort across many stakeholders in different industries. By preparing now and adopting post-quantum cryptography solutions like IronCAP™ can ensure a more orderly, less costly, and modestly disruptive changeover. 

IronCAP™ is designed to operate on conventional computers.  It is built on the longest time-tested Goppa code-based theory recognized by the world of post-quantum cryptography study field. By introducing sophisticated linear codes and error syndromes into your data, our cryptography confuses even quantum computers and prevents any of your information from being compromised. Hence IronCAP™ can safeguard against cyberattacks from today’s classical computers as well as quantum computers. 

IronCAP™’s post-quantum cryptography can be used in all kinds of vertical solutions such as digital identity, email/file encryption, remote access/VPN, cloud storage, 5G/IoT, blockchains, financial transactions, etc. The IronCAP™ API is compliant with the PKCS#11 and OpenPGP (RFC4880) industry standards, allowing vendors to transform their applications or systems seamlessly to quantum-safe. 

Protect your data in motion, at rest and in use with IronCAP™ today and in the quantum computing era. To learn more, visit

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About IronCAP

Take Control of Your Data

Trust IronCAP X™ to provide a bulletproof shield for your data. IronCAP X™ is the world's first quantum-safe, end-to-end email encryption and digital signature product. We aim to eliminate phishing. Our end-to-end encryption eliminates the intermediary server aka MITM (Man In The Middle) and our digital signature feature authenticates a legitimate sender from a malicious one. IronCAP X™ utilizes our patent-pendng IronCAP™ Engine as the underlying cryptographic mechanism to ensure safety against cyber attacks from not only the conventional world of computers today but also against future attacks from quantum computers.

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Ensure Privacy

Your emails are end-to-end encrypted. ONLY your targeted recipients can read and they won't reside on any server.
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Stop Phishing

Digitally signing your emails so that your recipients can distinguish between your legit emails and those lethal phishing ones.
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Usage Tips of the month

How to enter the special Admin Settings features?

The Administrator can simply launch the IronCAP X™ configuration application and click the “Settings” button. IronCAP X™ automatically detects if the user is the Administrator. The special Admin Settings features tabs (e.g. Password Policy) will only be presented if the user is the Administrator of the IronCAP X™ account.

How to enter the “User Management” feature?

The Administrator can simply launch the IronCAP X™ configuration application and click the “User Management” button. The “User Management” button will only be available if the user is detected as being the Administrator of the IronCAP X™ account.

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