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Technology pioneer of Post-Quantum Cyber Security and Remote Access Software.

Established in 1992, 01 Communique is always at the forefront of technology. Its latest innovation is on cyber security with the development focus on Quantum-Safe Cryptography. 01's patent-pending Quantum-Safe Cryptography is designed to operate on classical computer systems as we know them today while at the same time secure enough to safeguard against potential cyber attacks from quantum computers.
01 Communique's common shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol 'ONE' and quoted on the OTCQB market under the symbol ‘OONEF’.
The Company’s legacy business provides its customers with a suite of secure remote access services and products. Our innovations are protected by a number of Patents in various countries. As the digital and mobile technologies evolve, 01 continues to provide cost effective and reliable solutions that give businesses and consumers anytime anywhere remote access to information stored on a desktop computer.
I'm InTouch provides both businesses and home users with a secure and easy to use PC remote access software solution, allowing them to remote control their distant home or office computers, from anywhere. With I'm InTouch, users can run programs, transfer files, mobilize their mailboxes, contact management, online calendar events and virtually anything on their remote computers as if they were sitting in front of them.
I'm OnCall is a secure web based help desk management software application that allows resellers, IT help desks, software vendors and any other organizations to deliver outstanding customer support services. I'm OnCall auto configures a temporary connection to a customer's PC, without requiring any pre-installed software. It enables live customer support, reduces call times and geographical limitation. I'm OnCall is an integral help desk management solution for any business looking to grow their suite of support services with minimal upfront costs.
I'm InTouch Meeting is a secure web based collaboration system allowing users to cost effectively host online meetings and web conferencings by sharing the computer screen of the moderator among all the attendees.