Terms of Use

The I'm InTouch, I'm OnCall, and I'm InTouch Meeting remote access services are subject to these Terms of Service (PDF).
To continue using the I'm InTouch, I'm OnCall, or I'm InTouch Meeting remote access service after the free trial period, you must subscribe to the service:
Login to your online account at www.imintouch.com, www.imoncall.com, or www.imintouchmeeting.com
Click on the "Subscribe Now!" link to reach the billing page.
If you want to keep the same amount of licenses you used during the trial, simply enter your credit card information, press I Accept to proceed with the purchase. Otherwise, click on the Licenses tab to change the number of licenses to purchase and then click on Continue.
Follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the transaction.
01 Communique provides free technical support for trial account via e-mail: help@01com.com