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I'm InTouch Meeting User Guide:
User's Guide
ImInTouch Meeting 2.0 (User Guide).pdf
What is I'm InTouch Meeting?
Is there a free trial available for I'm InTouch Online Meeting Software?
How can the Moderator begin hosting a group meeting online?
How do Attendees join my online meeting?
What is the maximum number of attendees that can join a group meeting online?
What are the system requirements for I'm InTouch Meeting?
Can I set a password to protect my online meetings?
Can attendees use a PDA wireless device to join a group meeting online?
Can the Presenter transfer files to online meeting attendees and vice-versa?
How can I end the online meeting?
How does the remote printing feature work?
How can I enable/disable the mouse and keyboard input for the online meeting attendees before and during the meeting?
How can I start/stop sharing my desktop with the online meeting attendees?
How can I set the access rights for my online meeting attendees before the meeting starts?
How can I enable/disable the Attendee's access rights during online meetings?
What do the different meeting statuses mean?
How can I schedule a group meeting online?
How can I customize the online meeting invitation email?
How can I send out the online meeting invitation email?
How can I view archived online meetings?
How can I change my login information?
How can I add users?
Can I change the Meeting ID?
How can I subscribe to I'm InTouch Meeting?
How can I add more online meeting software licenses to my account?
How does the Sharable License system work?
How much does I'm InTouch Online Meeting Software cost?
I get logged out when I try to access the My Account tab using Internet Explorer.
How can I cancel my subscription?