About I'm InTouch Meeting

Whether you are planning to host an online meeting between different branch offices, with clients across the country or with partners around the world I'm InTouch Meeting will exceed your expectations. Why fight the logistical challenges of arranging multiple people to meet in person when you can save time and money by hosting a group meeting online, securely and easily?
Work Efficiently - Attendees of an online group meeting do not need to leave their desks or waste time to travel. They can work right up to the minute of the scheduled meeting time, and then efficiently pick up the work where they left off after the online meeting.
Cost Savings – Hosting online meetings can save cost in travelling as well as renting meeting facilities. The integrated phone conference feature in I'm InTouch Meeting can replace your old phone conference lines. In addition, our unique licensing model allows multiple users to share a pool of I'm InTouch Meeting licenses.System Requirements).
Secure - I'm InTouch Meeting employs industry leading security features including attendee password protection, 256-bit SSL data encryption and removal of session data.
Powerful - Features include real-time screen sharing, file transfers, remote printing, whiteboard annotation tools, and text chats among attendees.
01 Communique's patent-protected remote access technology is built on over 10 years of developments ensuring the best in terms of usability, security and customer support.