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I'm InTouch GoMail is now available for FREE!
(Free download from AppStore for iPhone and iPad)

I'm InTouch GoMail is a revolutionary app that can mobilize your Outlook*.
You can now send email from your mobile device with attachments easily. Plus it is FREE!

- Read your Outlook Inbox on your mobile device
- No more storing of emails on your ISP and risk of a privacy breach
- Get notification of new emails received at your Outlook on your mobile device
- Insert attachments from your computer without leaving them on any cloud
- Save inbound attachments onto your computer
- Send/Reply/Forward activities completely logged on your Outlook

* Your Outlook computer must be I'm InTouch-enabled. You need to install the latest version of I'm InTouch (v9.5) on your Outlook computer in order to use the I'm InTouch GoMail app on your mobile device.

Release of I'm InTouch v9.51

This is a major update with the following highlights of enhancements:
- Compatible with the brand new I'm InTouch GoMail v1.0
- Brand new notification mechanism compatible with most mobile devices
- Improved compatibility with Google Chrome and Firefox
- Newly introduced "Post-trial Free Usage" period with limited features

For current subscribers, please obtain your free upgrade by going to your I'm InTouch-enabled comptuer and right-click on the "Green Satellite" on the taskbar. Select "Run Update Now".

Add Live-Chat to your Web Site with New I'm OnCall v3.0!!

Live-Chat is an exciting feature newly added to I'm OnCall v3.0. Your customers can now submit a support request on your web site instead of the standard way of calling the customer service phone lines. The request will then be put in a queue for the agents to respond. To maximize productivity, I'm OnCall even allows each of your agents to simultaneously chat with up to 10 customers

Following are the highlights of I'm OnCall v3.0:
- Powerful and cost-effective remote support tool
- Add Live-Chat queues for your web site within minutes
- End-users rating for agents at the end of a support session
- Unattended reboot
- Reboot into "Safe Mode"
- Shareable licenses (Unlimited number of agents can share one license)
- Free upgrade for all existing I'm OnCall subscribers

Get your I'm OnCall free trial if you are not a subscriber yet >>

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How can I enable Wireless Notification in I'm InTouch?

Starting from version 9.5, the wireless notification feature has been changed to integrate with our new mobile app I'm InTouch GoMail.

To enable your wireless notification feature simply:

  1. Make sure your I'm InTouch-enabled computer has Outlook set up as your Email client program.
  2. Download and install our FREE I'm InTouch GoMail app onto your mobile device.
  3. Launch the I'm InTouch GoMail app and connect to your I'm InTouch-enabled computer.
  4. Select "Yes" when the following message is displayed - "Register this device to receive new email notifications from this computer?".

From now one, you will get a notification on your mobile device when a new email is received in your Outlook.

Contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or with any question.

To learn more about I'm InTouch, visit our web site at
To learn more about I'm InTouch Meeting, visit our web site at
To learn more about I'm OnCall, visit our web site at

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