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Thanks to I'm InTouch GoMail!

"I went on a cruise trip to the Bahamas during the holidays. While relaxing at the pool facing the ocean, a beep came in notifying me that I had an incoming email. Since I'm InTouch will only notify me when email arrives from my important customers, I opened up the email realising that I had forgotten to send an important PDF to my client before the holiday. I replied via I'm InTouch GoMail and attached the PDF file from my office computer. DONE!!

Very little cellular data has been used since I'm InTouch GoMail basically instructed my Outlook in my office PC to do the job. The PDF file was also being sent from my office PC without having to upload it to any third party cloud. This has not only reduced data usage (which is outrageously expensive on a cruise ship) but also made me feel secure with maximum privacy.

I can really enjoy a long vacation with the peace of mind that I can still handle emergency matters remotely with I'm InTouch".

Alex P (Tampa Florida 2017-01-06).

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Sending Emails with Attachments from your Smartphones

I'm InTouch GoMail is a revolutionary email app that allows you to compose emails on your mobile device in any language and send attachment from your computer. Not only it's free, (free download from Apple AppStore or Google Play) it can also help you save money. You no longer need to store emails or files on your ISPs, plus you can send large attachments from your mobile device without chewing up your expensive wireless bandwidth.

I'm InTouch GoMail lets you read your Outlook Inbox on your mobile device. When you compose or reply emails on your mobile device, I'm InTouch GoMail is instructing your Outlook to send the email and attachment locally at your I'm InTouch-enabled computer. This is contrary to other mobile email apps sending attachments from a cloud storage that not only breaches privacy (since you have to store your files outside your premises) but requires the files to be downloaded to your mobile device before they can be sent. Thus I'm InTouch GoMail helps you to save money on your wireless data usage and maximizes privacy.

- No more notification on junk emails - get notification from selected senders
- Insert attachments from your computer without leaving them on any cloud
- Save inbound attachments onto your computer
- No more storing of emails on your device/ISP and risk of a privacy breach
- Send/Reply/Forward activities completely logged on your Outlook

* Your Outlook computer must be I'm InTouch-enabled. You need to install the latest version of I'm InTouch (v9.5+) on your Outlook computer in order to use the I'm InTouch GoMail app on your mobile device.

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Provide World-Class Live-Chat Technical Support to your Customers using I'm OnCall!!

I'm OnCall gives you 3 URLs that you can easily incorporate onto your web site in minutes and let you provide Live-Chat technical support to your customers immediately.

Following are the highlights of I'm OnCall:
- Using Live-Chat your support team can work virtually anywhere
- Get temporary remote control of your customers' computers
- Incidents and History logs
- End-users rating for agents at the end of a support session
- Unattended reboot
- Reboot into "Safe Mode"
- Shareable licenses (Unlimited number of agents can share one license)
- Free upgrade for all existing I'm OnCall subscribers

Get your I'm OnCall free trial if you are not a subscriber yet >>

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Can I temporarily turn off email notification for I'm InTouch GoMail and resume it back later?

Yes, I'm InTouch allows you to temporarily stop email notification by disabling the notification setting of GoMail on the mobile device without affecting the registration status on your remote I'm InTouch-enabled computer. In other words, after switching to "off", there is no need to re-register the device on the I'm InTouch computer to begin receiving notification again when you switch it back "on".

Contact us at 1-800-668-2185 or with any question.

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