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Who Uses Remote Access?

Small Business Owners - Keep technology cost low and reduce the need for complicated networks; workers can also use their existing Outlook as their mobile mailbox without subscribing to any third party mobile mailbox services.
Lawyers/Accountants - Protect your confidential client files. No more duplication of files on laptops or any third party cloud services. Hence, maximum data security and privacy as sensitive information never leaves your office.
Sales Professionals - Become more productive and customer focused; use remote PC access software to update customer databases, run reports, respond to emails and give remote presentations and training. No more duplication of data and residing on any third party cloud services. Hence, maximum data security and privacy.
Mobile Workers - On-the-go people will benefit from using remote PC access software to access stored files and programs on their primary computer. An Internet connection and a tablet, laptop or mobile device are all they need.
Management - Meet with your management team to discuss time sensitive information, gather employees to receive project updates and access your office PC while away on business.
Distant Work Teams - Conduct regular brain storming sessions with your co-workers at different locations to stimulate creativity and stay on track to meet deadlines.
Internal Departments - Increase efficiencies and synergy within your company with better tech support, training and inter-department collaboration by utilizing 01 Communique's remote access software applications.
Customer Service Representatives - Shorten customer response time while increasing problem resolution scores; keep customers satisfied by offering technical assistance through immediate remote support.
Managed Service Providers - Reduce the cost of managing customer's IT infrastructure and use remote access software to establish secure connections to provide superior remote support.
Resellers & Software Vendors - Offer your customers the very best in terms of service; remote PC access helps you provide hands-on support and training.
Real Estate Agents - Remote PC access means always having access to the tremendous amount of information you need at customer meetings and home tours. Print out brochures and listings from your remote computer to your local printer instantly.
Educators & Tutors - Give your students the attention they need the night before tests. Encourage interaction amongst students during online sessions and offer the option to attend lectures from remote locations when needed.
Parents - Set time restrictions for computer use to your kids and monitor their activity in real-time; remote PC access helps enhance Internet safety.
Travelers - Use remote PC access to stay in touch with your home/office computer while travelling. You may also listen to music remotely, transfer photos, check and respond to emails on your home/office computer throughout your trip.