System Requirements - I’m InTouch Remote Access Server Edition

Simple to Deploy and Easy to Use

  • Install the I’m InTouch Server Edition remote access software onto a server machine behind your firewall or within your DMZ
    • Optimized Linux OS installation included
    • Utilizes standard Internet ports 80 & 443 for all host to server communications, eliminating the need for port forwarding to reach hosts on the internal network and dynamic DNS solutions
  • Create user accounts on the gateway system using the Server Edition remote access Administration Tool
  • Load the I’m InTouch enabling software onto the PC’s and server machines that will need to be remotely accessed. The remote access software runs as a service waiting for requests for remote access that are passed to it from the gateway server and prompts the user for a password before starting to process remote access requests.
  • As an authorized user granted remote access privileges, login to your office PC from any device with an Internet browser, with no requirement for any additional software to be pre-configured on the device you are logging in from.
    • The login occurs by accessing the I’m InTouch Server gateway through a defined company webpage that the system administrator defines during the remote access software installation. The server then brokers a secure encrypted connection between the host and client computer and dynamically generates all web pages required for remote viewing.
  • Remotely access, view and control your office PC - as if you were sitting at it.
    • The screen image of the host PC is transmitted and is updated as it changes using screen sharing technology
  • System administration and reports are managed using the I’m InTouch Server Edition remote access admin tools interface. These tools can be accessed through the local SE server console and via remote administration access.
  • Highly scalable. As application processing is done at the host desktop, the system’s unique “Distributed Processing” server architecture means that a single I’m InTouch SE server can handle from 500 to 2,000 remote access users, depending on the specific server hardware configuration and number of simultaneous remote access sessions.

Server Requirements

Pentium 3 processor at 800MHz or higher – hard drive redundancy suggested

512 MB RAM minimum for first 100 users, 64MB per 100 additional users

Operating System:
01 Communique optimized Linux OS supplied during install

Minimum 9GB SCSI for 100 users. RAID class disk array recommended

Static TCP/IP LAN connection. Approx 7.5 kbps of bandwidth required per active remote session. Each 1MB T1 can accommodate an average of 130 simultaneous remote sessions

Workstation (Host) System Requirements

  • Internet connected Windows 2000 Professional, XP (32 or 64-bit), 2003 Server, VIsta (32 or 64-bit), Windows 7 and 8 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Minimum Pentium 233 with 32 MB of RAM
  • Outlook Express 5.0 +, Outlook 2000+, or Windows Mail and POP3 or Exchange email client for wireless email access
  • 30M free disk space

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Like our award winning Remote PC Access Software, 01 Communique’s powerful I’m InTouch Remote Access Server Edition has become an industry standard allowing IT staff, telecommuters and mobile employees to securely login and remotely control office PCs using screen-sharing technology, regardless of where they are.