I'm InTouch ensures that the whole remote access communication session is completely secure. Unlike VPN, I'm InTouch establishes zero-trust between the client and the corporate network. This means the corporate network will not be affected even if the client computer has been compromised.

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By deploying the IronCAP Post-Quantum Cryptography, I'm InTouch will be the world's first quantum-safe remote access product. This R&D breakthrough ensures I'm InTouch is 100% secure all the way into the new quantum computing era.

2-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is an effective way to protect against the unlikely event of password breaches. I'm InTouch supports Google Authenticator One-Time Password (OTP).

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For maximum security, I'm InTouch lets you exert tight control of the access client. You can restrict remote access from devices with only certain MAC addresses.

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I'm InTouch complies with the corporate LDAP environment for central password control policy and password management.

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256-bit SSL Data Encryption ensures your transmitted data stays private with end-to-end encryption and authentication.

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No Port needs to be opened on your firewall. This ensures your current security measures are not compromised during the remote desktop connection.

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Remote Wake-Up allows you to shut down your remote computer when not in use and wake it up later when you need to use it.