About I'm InTouch Go

I'm InTouch Go is a free mobile app that utilizes our US Patent-protected technologies as the foundation so that you can remote control your office or home computer as if you were sitting in front of it without having to use an Internet browser.
Before you can use I'm InTouch Go, you must first activate your remote computer to become I'm InTouch-enabled. Once your computer has become I'm InTouch-enabled, you can enjoy the freedom of remote access via any Internet browser or one of our free mobile apps such as this I'm InTouch Go. (If you want to mobilize your Outlook and manage your mailbox anywhere without remote controlling the screen of your office or home computer, you can use I'm InTouch GoMail.)
For large companies who require infrastructure servers on their premises, the I'm InTouch Server Edition will be their ultimate Remote Access and Remote Control solution.